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  • Andrew - Awesome system A+

    xbox one is a awesome system if you want a hard core gaming system then xbox one is for you also its the most bang for your buck for a system.ps4 is good and all but I put both systems up to the test next to each other and at the end xbox had games that seemed better made then the ps4 seems to be about the graphics and not really the gamer if you are a gamer or have a gamer in the family then xbox one is for you. also keep in mind the xbox one games to be are looking AWESOME!!!!! HALO, Destiny sniper 3,

  • Rose - Works pretty well.

    I received a free bottle of the tablets from being a BzzAgent. They work pretty well without bad side affects. I forget to take often enough but probably should use 2 per meal to work well since I take medicines that cause constipation. I just ordered a bottle from Amazon to use during a trip.

  • Jason Boggs - Thought it was a gimmick. It's not!

    Amazing. Seriously amazing. One of my favorite product purchases ever. It's so good. I can really feel it working my muscles and I get so pumped after each "workout."

  • Amos - Great Product!

    I had a persistent belly ache that no doctor could find the source of. I found this product online and gave it a try. It greatly reduced my belly ache. I am now a true believer in Black Seed Oil!