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  • David - Worth every dollar.

    I'm a CPA in public practice. I prepare tax returns and field questions. The CPAs I office with have copies of the book throughout their firm. When I asked questions or when they were asked questions by colleagues, JKL was one of first sources referenced. My tax library is used for the complex questions; JKL, for the simple issues. Frequently clients ask questions which would take pages of e-mail text to answer. I copy the relevant pages in JKL, scan, and send the answer. My "research" starts with the table of contents - in a few pages I know the chapter where the topic is discussed. The index is very well done. JKL is a great resource.

  • H. Lee - Bad software worse customer service

    The first day I installed Roxio creator 2012, it looked working fine. I could copy my CDs and edit the sounds. After a week or two, it stopped working. So, I asked for an advice on customer service. They had no clue what they were saying. They just told me to contact PC manufacturer. WTF. I payed for an absolute trash and I regret it. I will never buy any Roxio product again. I hope you wouldn't make the same mistake I did.

  • Amazon Woman - Don't waste your money or time......

    For something so expensive, it should work. This does NOT help me in any way. I was told this would keep track of my inventory and sales, NOT. Plus you need to pay a monthly fee for this and or that. They just wasted my money and I can't return it because I just opened it. This was purchased more than 30 days ago.

  • H. Starr - goodbye chronic stinky gas

    I have never written a review on Amazon but I feel I have to for this product. For the past several years I have suffered from terrible gas on a regular basis. And I mean deathly stinky and painful! I tried food elimination to no avail and the probiotic yoghurt. Then I tried this product. I'm a big sceptic about these kinds of things and didn't expect much. They are right about the adjustment period. The gas got worse for a the first couple of weeks. But I stuck with it. I couldn't believe the miracle. Once over the adjustment period I haven't had gas like that since. I still have occasional gas like anybody else - but it doesn't smell or hurt. I am just amazed by this product. It really has changed my life. I'm sure everybody's bowels are different but it worked for me. Its worth every penny each month.

  • Richard Moreno - Actually works

    I have a '99 Acura TL. My radiator developed a crack on a 200mile trip. Having no way to fix it I would drive a few and find water. It finally quit on me about 10 miles away from my destination. I changed the radiator hoping that was all it was but I knew deep down that the head-gasket was blown (at best).

  • Charles D - Kati Kati has bold flavor with a hint of citrus

    Kati Kati is one of Starbucks' best seasonal offerings, with its bold taste and a hint of citrus it's a shame that you can only get it for a few months a year. Will definitely be buying more next Kati Kati season!