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Jacobs Journal of Cell and Molecular Biology - Jacobs Journal of Cell and Molecular Biology an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed scientific journal provides a consistent scientific source of chemistry, structure and biology to understand life and cellular processes at the molecular level. This Journal aims at publishing dependable source of information on the discoveries and current developments in the form of original articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, etc. related to Cell and Molecular Biology.

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  • Ms. Tech - Great product

    I love this product. I didn't see the change the first time but with continued use of this product as well as taking proper care of my hair, I have seen great results. You have to follow the instruction and also figure out whether or. It your hair needs protein. If your hair is damaged because it lacks moisture this product will not help you, and may actually worsen your case. It is amazing when used for what it is intended for.

  • nicolas svoboda - I love this product

    I love this product, i have been using it for 4 years and it as made my life way easier, i leave it on for 7 minutes (i know the bottle said 6 minutes max but for me 7 works better) and hair goes all away. with the first swipe. Also be careful on what parts of the body you put it on, and try it first on a small area when you use it for first time, i use it everywhere regardless it said you shouldn't because it does not hurt me but you have to be very careful, also beware that you don't use it after you have shave lately in that part because it hurts as hell. by the way girls love the results.

  • Jay Charley - a very good indoor ball

    Everyone knows this is the 'official' ball of volleyball. It's a great ball to play with, moves true through the air, and it's very 'spinable'. The color pattern is great for setters as well; it's easy to see which way the ball is spinning, and how fast. BUT this is a 'hard' ball, so while the hitters [like me] love it, the non hitters/back row players/women almost unanimously hate this ball, preferring a much softer one. In fact of all the nights/leagues I play in, only one league will use this one, all the others use a softer ball.

  • D. Beers - Works Great so far

    Our shutters were very faded and looked terrible. We were going to replace them but thought we would give this a try first. It is unbelievable how great this works. Our shutters look brand new. I must say that we had to buy three kits to do 9 sets. The only thing is I hope that it lasts and they don't look dull in a few months. I will update and lower the stars if that happens, but right now I'm very happy with this purchase. Also the shutters are burgundy and they were very worn. Since I ordered two kits to start and we didn't have enough, it was very noticeable when looking at the ones that were treated.

  • Amazon Customer - I took this flashlight with me into the blackness of the Colorado desert night, and was illuminated!

    This flashlight is super bright. I don't have exact lumen specs or anything else, but I can speak from experience. I bought this flashlight because I wanted something 1k lumens or more, but I didn't want to spend $80.00 for the Fenix, or more for a name brand light. I took this light with me camping and hiking and it worked like a dream. It lit up the night turning blackness into brightness in the deserts of Colorado -where I had to watch my back from mountain lions. The modes are intuitive and it has a memory as well, so switches on to the setting you last left it at. The only thing missing is a dedicated SOS mode, but the strobe is blinding and will definitely disorient a person or beast. I purchased the Orbtronic 18650 batteries to go with this, and the combo works well. All in all a great light for not a lot of cash.

  • Amazon Customer - Love the Color and Auto Delivery Option!

    I just tried my customized hair color in natural light blonde which is like a level 9 box color from a store. I really love the color and it left my hair in really good condition. It also evened out my roots with the rest of my color. I have dark blonde hair naturally which I normally dye it to a light natural blonde and have some highlights throughout. When I first put the new dye on the parts of my hair that are highlighted quickly turned blue! I thought, "oh no!" Plus, the dye looked like it wasn't going to dye my hair light enough and was going to look too golden, which I hate, however, once I got in the shower and rinsed, shampooed and conditioned and dried my hair, the results were awesome. The parts that were blue rinsed out completely and the the color was even throughout. It was exactly what I wanted and my hair was left in better condition than when I use box hair dye from the drug store. I'm completely satisfied! I set up auto delivery for every 4 weeks. It will be a little more expensive than box color, but the added benefit of better conditioned hair in the long run is worth it to me. Plus, I can control the shipments on line and even skip an order if I need to. I am in control of the timing of the shipments, and can even make changes to the color. So, for anyone who says on their review that there isn't a phone number to contact customer service , they are wrong. The phone number is on their website. Also, I read where a customer's credit card was charged for an additional after the first order, we'll just so you know, after you order the first time, you are automatically signed up for auto delivery, but can turn it off immediately online. You just have to pay attention to what's on the page and follow directions! The person who said their credit card was charged again without authorization just did not pay attention to the options on the ordering page. They could have turned off the auto delivery option the very first time they ordered. It was not esalon's fault! Pay attention and don't blame the company for your own oversight! This is a real review from a real first time customer who is very satisfied! Thank you Esalon'!

  • TML021411 - It's a marvel!

    Stress reduction while planning, who could possibly think it so! I love planning my week and getting in a little coloring time in the bargain.