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  • Alexander Kemple - The ps4 is a great system, but sony has really pissed me off

    The ps4 is a great system, but sony has really pissed me off. Therefore, I'll knock a star off for that one. My first 2 ps4's were received BROKEN. One had no display and the other had the blue light of death (blue blinking issue). So, far I'm enjoying the Last of Us and infamous with my now 3rd ps4 but this console does not wow me. I'm an owner of an xbox one and a ps4. I have to say the xbox is better. Let me elaborate for the naysayers. For example, on playstation you now how to pay for playstatioin get free games every month from playstation plus..but, you are required to have internet in order to play those games! sony does a good job not advertising that. With the xbox one and their free games you do not require internet. once you download it it's yours forever. if your playstation plus expires you lose access to all those FREE games sony let you download when subscribed to ps plus. SO, WHICH CONSOLE TRULY REQUIRES INTERNET TO PLAY GAMES. The PLAYSTATION DOES. Other than that the playstation is good. Realistically the games are the reason i gave it 3 stars, the console itself lacks a good User Interface (UI). I still rather play my xbox since I personally like the exclusive titles on that console more. Sony really needs to get their act together and be truthful to their customers. If I could rate this 2.5 out of 5 I would.

  • George P Stergio - It makes me so sad

    Well, since 1993 i have been actively managing my personal finances, investing, budgeting and have ONLY used Intuit's Quicken products. I usually upgraded every few years and found myself sitting with Quicken 2012 on my laptop and thinking that i should upgrade to 2013. After reading the horrible reviews, i opted out of upgrading and continued to hum along nicely with a solid 2012 product. When 2014 was released, i figured that the company i had entrusted with my personal finances since 1993 had fixed the kinks, worked out the bugs and straightened the ship. NOPE. I bought 2014. After trying to install the software 3 times, it finally worked. Converted all of my data successfully and off i went. So far, a week into using the new products, i have discovered that my old budgets are useless. several of the interfaces are buggy often taking minutes to change screens, update registers, etc. My screen shot "quicken has encountered a serious error" has reared it's ugly head several times causing my lap top to shut down for no reason and what's worst of all, i no longer trust the renaming rules and auto reconciliation of accounts since all of my accounts defaulted back to paper reconciliations. Long winded way to say avoid 2013 and 2014 quicken products at all costs until we start to hear apologies from the company and assurances that they have addressed all of our concerns. i regret upgrading and wish i had saved the $75 bucks for quicken 2014 premier and a lot of headaches and aggravation.

  • Felonis E. Anderson - bottle half full

    so very little in the bottle, seems like the bottle would have been full it was not, did not complete the work to my car

  • Dennis K Miller, Sr. - Freezer Burn

    I used earlier versions and was totally happy. Installed the new version and what a negative experience. I got it loaded ok but the darned thing freezes up as I try to import simple photos to a project. Not only does it lock up but it freezes the entire computer forcing me to power down and reboot. There is no warning message that something is amiss or I've done some bizaro thing Roxio doesn't like. Piece of garbage.

  • H. R. Coley - Just Call Me A Dummy

    I buy For Dummies books for all my software as well as my iPhone and iPad. They've solved every problem I've had and opened up a great many features that I would have never known about without them. They're well worth the price.

  • Amazon Customer - Weaker than Real Degreaser

    I didn't notice this was "non-toxic" when I ordered it. I was actually looking for industrial strength degreaser--the kind with a warning picture showing a human hand with flesh falling off. But since this arrived, and I didn't want to hassle with a return/replacement, I decided to use it. It works pretty well on most non-settled grease. But if the grease is old and "glue like", you are going to have to put a lot of scrubbing to get it off with this stuff.