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Micro Distributing, On-Site Drug Test | Rapid Drug Test | Drug Test Kit | CLIA Waived - Micro Distributing (MD) is a leading provider of drug and alcohol testing and employee screening products and services.

  • Micro-Distributing | Q.E.D. Saliva Alcohol Test | On-Site Drug Test | Rapid Drug Test | Drug Test Kit - The disposable Q.E.D. Saliva Alcohol Test is a revolutionary breakthrough in quantitative on-site alcohol detection...

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  • Fran Lee - Not so hot...

    I was eager to get this product. It was a complete dud. So disappointed! I didn't work at all. I tried fresher batteries, still didn't work. I returned it. Got my refund quickly. That's the ONLY reason I didn't give it the lowest score possible.

  • grayson - it would be some high tech stuff and easy to install

    Just got it today. I made the mistake of assuming that for 400$, it would be some high tech stuff and easy to install. Obviously I was wrong. Set it up with my mac and thats when all the problems emerged. I was never told I had to literally go online and download all the software myself. Why is this piece of crap so expensive? It's completely outdated technology that looks like it could be a toddlers Leap Frog. I get the same thing every time I have to update it myself, "PCM Calibration update may be needed." If I'm paying 400$ for something like this I expect it to be something with at least a bit of quality. For example, I just downloaded the new updates (manually of course) and the device rejects it. the dcx is literally opening random windows. I tried to force calibrate it. It gave me a password to put in. Probably 20 characters or so I had to put in the tiny unresponsive touch screen. But, after 10 minutes in my 90 degree car, it wont even fit onto the screen. Tried calibrating touch screen, got another 20 character password that still can't fit on the screen. For everyone reading this, it's not worth the 400$, you can buy something cheaper and easier to install than this piece of crap. Just another stupid scam covered up by high prices, reviews, and some good advertisement.

  • Pakmann2k - Amazing at this Price

    It still amazes me what the big box retailers want to charge for these wall mounts. This mount has everything you need to get your TV up and on the wall within minutes. I mounted a 63" LG Plasma on my own using this. Everything is exactly as advertised and you will not have any issues. One tip though, you probably want to have a buddy help you when you mount a big TV like I did. I am pretty big but getting the TV hung was a little trickier that I anticipated and you will want another set of hands on the job. Not saying you have to, but if you are afraid of dropping your TV, get a hand.

  • Prof Carley - On the car just as a trial and now my wife won't let me take them off!

    When the racks arrived I figured I would try them on the car to see if they fit, if they were sturdy, and could actually hold something. I got distracted and forgot to take them off after a couple of days and now my wife will not let me take them off the new Honda CRV we just bought three weeks ago. She says it enhances the car's look. Driving on the highway was actually very quiet and you would not even know they were up there. They are still fitting very well, sturdy, and hold things very well - terrific racks at a wonderful price!

  • SDeRoller - Best product ever

    I have been testing this for a couple weeks. Let me tell you. It has changed my life. I have always been ashamed of showing my feet do to a health issue cause sever cracked skin. This product has changed my life. I absolutely love it. So easy to use. Its amazing.

  • casocorcoran - Effective hair mask

    My daughter absolutely loves this Mask! She has very long hair and has tried multiple hair masks/conditioners. She swears this is the only one that works effectively to maintain her hair's condition. It's a bit pricey but lasts when used as directed. Note: grocery store price is quite a bit higher, we've found. Great price and shipment from Amazon.

  • Brittmom - Not a miracle cure...but still an improvement

    I used this product on my kitchen table after being tired of always covering the beautiful birch top with a tablecloth to hide the water stains & heat marks. Other than these the table was in very nice shape. I tried just using a soft cloth and it seemed all it did was brighten it up a bit. I then used the 0000 steel wool pad recommended and after SEVERAL attempts, the marks did disappear somewhat. I think if I were to do it again, I might venture to a 000 pad instead. It looks better; I just expected the marks to completely disappear. Oh, one point--don't worry too much about an "exact" color match--as long as it's close it blends right in. I did follow up with the Howard's Feed-n-Wax which did a good job of smoothing out the finish on the table.