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Varicose veins treatment - Patient information - Learn more about varicose veins treatment, CVI, and how it may be affecting your life and the lives of those you love. Medtronic patient information.

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  • Patients - Find-a-Doctor for CVI - The Find-a-Doctor locator directory provides contact information, categorized, for vein specialists who are trained to use Medtronic’s ClosureFast.
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    Just got my bracelet! It's super exciting! It works pretty well so far. It happened in one set out of 2 workouts where it counted funny for me, as if it got confused with my movements. But overall i am pretty amazed at this technique, and i am pretty satisfied. The 7+ minute workout did make me feel my muscles immediately, and i am not completely out of shape...

  • Ellen Su - Many many helpful features are now missing - updated

    I haven't even started using my 2011 version yet and am already disappointed. I am soooo sorry I uninstalled my 2010 version. (It is not advisable to have two versions on your computer.) I have been using this software since 2007 and have been happy with the upgrade versions until this one. I cannot preview my saved projects as in the past. All this program allows is to look at a bunch of Hallmark icons and file titles in a MSwindows pane. The previous version showed the card in special preview pane and I could scroll through them seeing all the fronts. This was very important to me, especially since it allows you to bring up saved cards no longer available in the current version. I have over 800 projects saved and like to go back and make sure I don't send the same card twice and sometimes pull up a special saved card or envelope to send someone else. It's impossible to find anything now.

  • Amazon Customer - Stay away

    As a technician for many years and a current pharmacy student, I have to steer others away from this study guide. There are much better products on the market. The contents do not look professional and look like they were made in Microsoft Word. Like other reviews have mentioned, the math "review" section is basically remedial math and has little applicability to the test. There several spelling mistakes in the drug names. Although I did not read the entire guide, what I did review was not great. I would recommend getting a better book that actually has reliable information. Those that have given positive reviews of the product have obviously not worked in the field.

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    I bought it for kids, they seem to like it very much. I have noticed that they always have to go after lamps to light up the TV room more during the night. The game seems to work during the day with the sunlight, but if you use energy saving LEDs or other lights you may encounter the same.