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  • The Partners Connected Health Fit Mind Challenge • Medstro - Advances in medicine have the promise to extend lifespan to 100 years or beyond, yet with age often comes cognitive impairment. The Fit Mind Challenge is an open call for solutions to support cognitive function in an aging population. These solutions can be technologies, apps, sensors, policies, awareness campaigns, education initiatives (including provider, patient and public education) or other connected health solutions. #FitMindChallenge
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  • cloudyura - Great book, short and to the point

    I've receive this product from the seller for free to review, and here is my honest experience with the GRE Test Prep Book.

  • Doing what I can - Slow and steady wins the race

    We have two of these in our home, and my daughter's father bought one for his 3 year old son. All of our leap pads take a minute or so to load but they work. They've all been dropped at kid height, they all still work. The kids love them.

  • Roger Kiley - Great modem for cable service.

    Great modem with terrific coverage. Comcast installer said this was a great modem and works better than the one you have to pay comcast for if you do not buy your own. The four Ethernet connections allows me operate my sons game system and my internet TV without draining wireless signal. I highly recommend.

  • Ashley Eneriz - Great Thoughts

    I am really into simplifying. I have read several books on simplifying other areas of my life, such as motherhood and home organization. I have seen the immense benefits from getting the clutter out of my life, but I never considered to get the clutter out of my soul.

  • Aunt B - Better creams for less money

    This body cream is an OK body cream, however there are better creams for a LOT less money. I bought this because of all the claims on pinterest that it helps eczema. It does nothing for eczema. Since there were no local salespeople for plexus in my area, I bought from amazon because I knew it would be safe. The product was extremely more expensive this way but less of a commitment(joining the club, dealing with a salesperson, etc.).

  • Tech-Guru - Corrupted my Quicken Files. Terrible Support

    I have been a Quicken user for 12+ years. I upgrade every 2-3 product cycles. I have never had a problem before, but this version was very buggy for me. The auto-updates generally crash, my checks no longer "auto populate" using the data from previous checks to the same payee, the "Find" function does not work properly (e.g. find all checks I write to XYZ company and it comes up with none, even though there were many checks issued in the past), etc. I contacted support, which is basically a series of unskilled technicians overseas, who want to know how your day is going, take you through rote steps that have to touchpoints to the problem, and reply to each question via their help/chat service at 2-3 minute intervals. I tried twice, on line with both for 2-3 hours, with no success. I strongly urge you to skip this version of the software.