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Medicare Insurance & Medicare Advantage Plans | Florida Blue - Florida Blue Medicare Plans including Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug Coverage. We have plans for every lifestyle and situation.

  • Shop for BlueMedicare Rx Plans | Florida Blue - Get a quote for Florida Blue Prescription Drug plans available in your area. Access to thousands of pharmacies nationwide. Home delivery through Prime Mail.
  • Medicare Plan Options | Florida Blue - Original Medicare is not your only option for health care coverage. There are a variety of plans available from private organizations and insurance companies designed to help you.
  • Learn About Medicare | Florida Blue - Find the answers to your Medicare questions in the Learn More section on the BlueMedicare website. You'll also find links to helpful resources and educational videos.
  • What is Medicare? | Florida Blue - Florida Blue provides an easy to understand overview of the different parts of Medicare. Learn More about Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D and Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies.
  • Getting Started with Medicare | Florida Blue - So you’re going to be turning 65, the age when most people first become eligible for Medicare. Now what? Well, depending on your individual situation, you may or may not have to enroll in Medicare.
  • Enrollment Periods for Medicare Advantage | Florida Blue - Get more information on enrollment periods for Medicare including Initial Enrollment Period, Annual Enrollment Period and Special Enrollment Periods.
  • Resources and Tools | Florida Blue - Useful tools to help you live healthy and stay healthy. Good health starts with good living and the more you know, the easier it is to pursue a healthy lifestyle.
  • Why Choose Florida Blue? - Get simple and easy-to-understand advice to help you make the transition to Medicare.
  • Helpful Links | Florida Blue - Links to Medicare, Social Security Administration, Shine (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders) and other organizations.

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  • Grace Evans - I love it, and my antsy high schoolers love it ...

    I love it, and my antsy high schoolers love it too. We are working on how to earn time with the sand (currently they build inappropriate things and the sand falls on the floor!)

  • Jeremy Tesson - Not happy that I am having to look for resistors to ...

    Not happy that I am having to look for resistors to install on top of the price tag of this light. The running/brake lights are reversed. The side lights don't work with the rest of the light either like I would think. I'm hoping after I find a resistor that will work, that'll correct everything. What a pain!

  • Amazon User - worst sensitivity in my teeth

    I used this product three times. First time I used this strips it was okey. The second time was a disaster. I felt acute pain in my teeth soon after I removed the strips from my teeth. I didn't know right away that the Crest strips were the culprit and was blaming the citrus flavor mouthwash that I used in the morning. I didn't use the strips for a couple of days. By this time I didn't feel good about using these strips in my teeth. Two days later I used the strips on my teeth again. This time soon after I removed the strips from my teeth I got the most severe pain in my teeth. I took four painkillers and still the pain didn't subside. I couldn't sleep properly due to the acute sensitivity in my teeth. Fortunately it was the Saturday night and I could sleep the next day.

  • Kerns Family - Easy Squeezy!

    I ordered the Unique Pepper/Salt Mill With Adjustable Ceramic Grinder Mechanism By Kitch Elegance for my kitchen. I really like freshly ground black pepper in my kitchen. This grinder is very nice! Once filled, you simply squeeze the handle like side and it grinds! No more twisting with one hand while holding the bottle with your other! It is a little loud while grinding which doesn't bother me at all personally. The Unique Pepper/Salt Mill With Adjustable Ceramic Grinder Mechanism By Kitch Elegance works just as you would expect! I'm excited to purchase another for sea salt!

  • unsatisfied with product - Regret using this product

    Initially, this was my favorite product for my hardwood floors. Each time we used it our floors looked like a showroom. Over time we noticed flaking, scratches and deep grooves. It creates a buildup that is almost impossible to remove. Our floors have taken a beating. They are no longer beautiful. It's taken months to find something that will remove the build-up. We still haven't found a remedy. This was not a wise purchase. We regret ever using it. I would not recommend.

  • G. Dawson - Another great collection

    I love this collection, and I read it almost every year. Some years are better than others, and I think this is one of the good ones. There are stories by classic short story authors like Joyce Carol Oates (I think she's in almost annual every collection) and TC Boyle and also by some contemporary big names (like Joshua Ferris and Karen Russell). As usual, many of the stories were previously published in The New Yorker, Granta, and The Paris Review. But what I liked most about this collection is that it introduced me to some new authors (OA Lindsey and Molly McNett, for example) that published their stories in less main stream publications.