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Medical Video Production and eLearning Platforms - Medical Video Production offers the full-service, multimedia production capabilities you need to connect to your target market and move your business forward.

  • Medical Video Production Services - Medical Video Production services include on-location shooting, 2d and 3d animation, in-studio filming, eLearning platforms, multimedia production and photography, aerial drone photography and videography and 360 interactive virtual reality video.
  • About Medical Video Production - Medical Video Production develops rich, compelling medical videos, animations, and eLearning platforms that effectively communicate value and benefits that lead to real-world results.
  • Medical Video Production Divisions - Medical Video Production's divisions include medical video production, multimedia video production, mobile virtual platforms, motion video production 360, maximum value programming and multicultural video production.
  • Medical Video Projects | HoverTech Promo Videos - Medical Video Production worked with HoverTech, from rough draft to completion, to create several promotional videos to be distributed to their current and prospective customers and posted on their site.
  • Medical Video Projects | Philips PercuNav - Philips Healthcare, a longtime client of Medical Video Production, wanted to create a new online tool that would allow sales representatives to demonstrate their new PercuNav ultrasound suite in a variety of environments.
  • Medical Video Projects | Park Lenox Medical Services Video - Medical Video Production created a video for the Park Lenox emergency medical facility in New York in 2006.
  • Medical Video Projects | Open Future Learning - Open Future Learning (OFL) is dedicated to training individuals and organizations that support those with developmental disabilities. Medical Video Production developed an eLearning platform that can provide education to users from around the world.
  • Medical Video Projects | ETHOS App Demonstration Video - Medical Video Production created a demonstration video for ETHOS Health Communications in 2013 to show users how to get the most out of using Engage, an interactive meeting platform.
  • Medical Video Projects | Dr. Landman - Medical Video Production created a testimonial video for Dr. Landman, a renowned urologist.
  • Medical Video Projects | MBSImP eLearning Tool - Medical Video Production produced this comprehensive online eLearning, diagnostic, and research tool for the Medical University of South Carolina in 2010.
  • Medical Video Projects | C8 Medisensors Medical Device Videos - Trade show videos are meant to be eye-catching and captivating to their viewers, and Medical Video Production did just that for C8 MediSensors.
  • Medical Video Projects | Philips RoadmapPro - Medical Video Production developed the Philips Roadmap Pro Video in 2011, the third in a series of eLearning tools developed for Philips Healthcare.
  • Medical Video Projects | Vision Software Medical Capabilities Video - Medical Video Production developed this fast-paced animated video for Vision Software Technology in 2012.
  • Medical Video Projects | MPS Communication Graphics - MPS Communication Graphics, a leading employee benefits communication provider, worked with Medical Video Production to create a series of employee practitioner interview videos for Christiana Care Health System.
  • Medical Video Projects | Keystone Center Medical Services Video - KeyStone Center, a facility dedicated to the care of individuals with addiction, worked with Medical Video Production to create a video that focuses on the extensive behavioral services they offer patients and their families.
  • Medical Video Projects | Philips HeartNavigator Virtual Medical Simulation - This was the third in a series of Virtual Medical Simulations designed and developed by Medical Video Production for Philips Healthcare.
  • Medical Video Projects | NAPNAP ADHD Videos with Custom Player - Medical Video Production produced a series of ten videos on ADHD for NAPNAP, a prominent organization devoted to the health care of children.
  • Medical Video Production | Sandmeyer Steel 360-Degree Interactive Video - Medical Video Production developed this interactive 360-degree video to showcase Sandmeyer Steel Company's exceptional steel processing facilities in a new and engaging way.
  • Medical Video Projects | Laser Spine Institute Live Webcast - Laser Spine Institute hired Medical Video Production to tape and broadcast a live eLearning webcast event for interested patients.
  • Medical Video Projects | Terumo Trucise Medical Training eLearning - Medical Video Production created the Terumo Trucise eLearning platform for Terumo in 2009.
  • Medical Video Projects | WoundStat Military Training Video - Medical Video Production was proud to develop this 3D medical animation video for TraumaCure to introduce its new WoundStatâ„¢ hemostatic agent in 2008.

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    Contrary to the ads for this product, it did nothing for me. Even my Doctor says its a hit or miss for most people. Expensive experiment for me.

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  • Tiberius - Finally, a good story mixing a Roman military setting with elements of Fantasy! Solid plot, political intrigue, ancient mystery.

    Discovering this author for the first time, I was a bit sceptical about the mix between a Roman military history setting and Fantasy elements such as elves and magic. I was an avid role-player of D&D and other games in high school and most of university, and remain passionate about ancient military history and Roman Republic and Imperial warfare in particular. But previous attempts at mixing those worlds came very short of my simplest expectations. Not so with this series, and the customisations used by the author to adapt Roman practices to a fantasy universe really hit the spot. The book focuses on the scion of a noble imperial family after he's earned the rank of Captain in the hard northern war against the Rivan kingdom. Captain Ben Stiger is reassigned to the Southern Command to help quell a rebellion, and discovers an inept leadership and diseased and demoralised legions. He's assigned his own company of troops to run a convoy escort to a remote mountain fortress whose garrison seems to have been isolated by the rebels. Along the way, the determined officer trains his men back into an effective force, gets on the trail of a centennial mystery, and faces the minions of a dark god. His lieutenant Eli Far is actually an elven ranger, a fact which surprises most of the people they encounter as few elves venture out of Highborn society any more. The author does a good job of describing the physical features, motivations and coherent personality traits of the lead characters, and convey the gritty realities of legionary life and training very effectively. In this first book of the series, fantasy and magic only play a very minor role, and their progressive easing into the story makes it all the more engrossing given the plot twists they enable. The pace is steady, balancing world building and story telling with action scenes. An enjoyable Kindle discovery, look forward to reading the second book in the series!

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    I bought this thing and attempted to install it on my PC. After several attempts installing and reinstalling I realized I was going to get only the same result. The program crashes every time I try to open it. That is really not entirely bad if I can get some kind of support to straighten things out but it turns out that "support" is entirely non-existent. I have spent the last two days trying to contact customer support to no avail. It quite simply does not exist. Every time I send a message I get a reply that I will get a response by email but I get nothing. I am left here with an 80 dollar application that does not work and can get no help whatsoever to remedy the situation. I have searched through all of their "knowlege" pages and tried every conceivable fix listed with no result. This has to be the most frustrating piece of crap I have ever tried to deal with in terms of software. My every attempt to get support gets more in terms of advertizing for all sorts of games than anything else. In fact, just one such ad would be an infinitely greater response than anything that could be termed as support.