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Electronic Medical Index of Bangladesh - - emibd that is Electronic Medical Index of Bangladesh, is an online medical resource dedicated to offer detailed and current pharmaceutical information to serve healthcare professionals and people of Bangladesh. We own the most comprehensive Drug Index of Bangladesh that comprises necessary information regarding drug molecules of all therapeutic classes currently available in the country, and a dedicated team of mid-level* pharmacy professionals who work to cumulate the most recent healthcare updates. We consult world recognized medical references (e.g. FDA, MHRA, BNF etc.) and clinical studies to ensure reliability of the data we provide. All these enable us to provide reference data, news and educational support to communities of medical practitioners, pharmacists, patients and people who are keen to be enriched with health knowledge. emibd aims to serve healthcare professionals in the country by providing incredible tools to assist in their daily practice, and innovative services for patients as well. In addition to this, we are committed to support lifelong learning needs of healthcare professionals and consumers.

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  • Capnjack - Good Lego continuation

    What can I say? My son loves it. He has spent several hours working on levels. From what I have seen, it seems to incorporate all the best of the Lego VG series.

  • Wallace - which was great. I don't wear any makeup

    Been using this product for years, along with the lavender night cream and the cleansing gel rinse, all from the Vitamin C line. I won't use any product that is not cruelty free. I have extremely sensitive skin and would have tremendous reactions to other creams in years past. Once I switched to cruelty free and to Avalon's Vitamin C, no reactions at all, which was great. I don't wear any makeup, ever, not even a lick of foundation, a decision I made several decades ago when I was 17 and was horrified leaving the house without my black eyeliner! Figured I didn't want to get into my 40s and be frightened to step outside without makeup, so decided there and then to not wear it anymore. And yes, am n my 40s and perfectly fine leaving the house without anything on my face, other than my Avalon cream. I like to keep my skin clear and looking fresh, this enables me to do that and no animals were hurt in the process. Sometimes I notice a slight difference in texture with each order, but it doesn't seem to make any difference to how it feels and works. Hope they continue to make this product, as I don't know what I would do without it.

  • Uniquely_Alone - Enlighten experience reading this book.

    This book has shown me a better way to channel my energy. Without causing harm to myself or others thank you.

  • Kevin Tic Robinson - Thank him later....

    This may be the album people come back to years from now as the turning point in his ascension to the top. I love hip hop artists who make the music they want to make. This album is not perfect but its a good one. I really enjoyed the storytelling skills he displayed on the song "Wet Dreamz" especially.

  • R. Atkins - INTENTIONALLY broken for TiVo conversion, despite advertised ability

    I am trying to use Creator 2012 to convert TiVo video to DVD. I have multiple files from multiple channels: CBS, TCM, PBS, Showtime, etc. In every case, I receive the message "This folder contains files protected with Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. DRM protected files cannot be added to a project, so they will not be displayed."

  • Mom2Girls - great shampoo for blondes

    I have been using color renewing shampoos for years. I have naturally blonde hair that varies from medium to light ash blonde depending on the season. This one works almost as good as the one I was getting from the salon but at a fraction of the price. It lathers well and does a really good job of cleansing. The salon one required me to use an additional shampoo to cleanse-so John Frieda's product actually saves me a step. The shampoo smells great. During the winter, 1x/week works fine. In summer, 2-3x/week is needed. I continued to use my regular conditioner and did not notice any drying from this product.