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  • GPinNC - Its GARBAGE!

    All I got from this garbage was a stomach ache. Its completely worthless and didn't help me lose any weight. And don't fall for their "free" bottle scam'll unknowingly be signing yourself up to get more bottles every month and charged an insane amount of money. Avoid this stuff!

  • Ocleron - Love the product

    Very pleasant smell and the product really makes a difference on your skin. I highly recommend this product to anyone. Little slower than most products getting here but worth the wait.

  • Jaron Franklin - Just for looks

    Does absolutely nothing for bug deflection, and completely scews up the windshield washer spray stream.. Only positive is that it looks good.

  • Donald L. Kendzierski - Very nice cover, and covers hatchback area nicely

    Very nice cover, and covers hatchback area nicely. Fits well into brackets so it stays attached to the hatchback and extends outward and upward when hatch is opened. Have had it for about one month so I can't comment yet on long-term durability.

  • David - Works on Windows 7 64bit

    I did install Streets and Trips 2013 on Windows 7 64 system. It works flawlessly. Actually the older version streets and trips 2003 also installed on my Window 7 64 bit system.

  • Mary L. Wise - Magazine

    Bought it as a gift for the daughter who is an early child hood (pre school) teacher. Lots of valuable stuff in here.