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  • Anthony D. Costa - Nice mood lighting but fan is noisy.

    Nice alternative to heat-up style aromatherapy units. Comes packaged nicely with decent instructions for a product made in China. Didn't notice any misspellings etc, but they did lack information particularly with the way the lights work.The box indicates that you can adjust the brightness, but there is nothing mentioned in the instructions. Simply tells you how to change the color scheme and how to have it on or off. It does a nice job of cycling through the colors when set to that option, but it would be better if you didn't have to go though each different color to reset it to cycle through the colors when running. Has an option to have the fan run continuous or shut off/on every 30 sec. Nice feature, but the fan is actually kind of loud for it's size. In a quiet room such as a bedroom, this would annoy those that like it to be quiet, but not for those of us that like to sleep with a full size fan etc. In fact I have it in a room with my 12 bottle wine cooler that also has a fan, and it is actually much quieter than this little unit. Came packaged nicely and was a little smaller then expected, but fits on a small shelf easily. The mood lighting is very soft and not overly bright and can be shut off without affecting the actual running. Doesn't appear to have any mist emanating so no worries of placing near items you would be concerned about such as a TV. Comes with a nice little measuring cup which is good since the directions are using ml's not cups. Also there is a "max-fill" line in case the cup eventually goes missing. Directions recommend their brand of essential oils - which I also received and you only need about 4-6 drops per full container. Initial use seems that this is more than enough on the cycle setting and may be too much on constant running is using in a small to med sized room. Does have a nice feature to auto shut off once the water reaches a certain level, but didn't notice any mention of if tipped over. I would assume ti shuts off since it won't detect any water, but directions don't indicate this. Over this is a nice little unit and you will want to play with the amount of oil to use - start low with about 2-3 drops and go up from there. Again, depends upon if continuous running or cycle setting. The fan noise and the lack of detail in how to set the lighting correctly is the 4 star review - actually more a 3.5 but can't do 1/2 star ratings. I did received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and I very rarely give 5 stars. Time will tell how well it holds up to use and if any discoloring happens or if the motor gets any louder. Overall a nice product from respected company, just fix that fan if you are reading this Viva Naturals.

  • Kevin Wilson - Always reliable

    I'm a fan of Kaspersky AV products because a) they work, b) they don't suck up resources, and c) nothing about them (support, updating, etc.) has ticked me off. I'd give this 5 stars except what I bought was listed as having a disk, and this was a download. Call me old fashioned, I like having a disk (in case I wanna do things safe from the internet) you can scan from, and I thought I paid for that. Regardless, it's a solid product.

  • Todd - Great product..does everything it is supposed to do.

    I have owned this product for 4 weeks and have very little cooking experience. This product was easy to learn how to use with dvd and cookbook included with product. Highly recommend.

  • Tami - Georgie+Gianluca+Gelato=5 stars

    I've been looking forward to Georgie's book since we met her this summer. She is quite the character! And I was not disappointed. RS Grey delivers an emotional romance filled with her classic wit and comedic timing. Her writing in this one is fantastic. I was truly transported to Italy in this one.

  • J. Althoff - Avoid TaxAct if you have K-1

    Avoid this if you have a K-1. TaxAct fails miserably. Lines 13 and 20 are ignored and the worksheet is grayed out.