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  • B. M Sullivan - Buggy to the point of being unusable

    I downloaded the demo and made a network diagram with relative ease. I liked the icons and the general features. There were a few bugs in terms of icons showing up, placing icons and copying icons. Many times nothing would show up or duplicates that were not selected would get copied. It was an annoyance but somewhat forgivable.

  • Niecy - Burn baby burn!

    It works really well at appetite suppression, gives you energy all day, and is great before a workout. I open the capsule up and put the herbal power into a very little bit of water and drink it up quickly, because it's bitter this way. I find that when I dilute it, it is easier on my stomach. I doesn't hurt my stomach, but it's one less thing that my stomach has to do in having to dissolve the capsule and pool water to it for distribution into the bloodstream.

  • Tom Anacleto - Great system for the gamer who also like movies

    there is so much more to this sytem that just games. for a person like me who loves gaming but also enjoys watching tv and movies, this sytem is so awesome. The ability to snap to movies from any point while in a game without losing where you are is really useful. I really like the hdmi pass through for your cable box. The tv listing page is redone through your xbox and get rid of the guide used by dish network, but you can still use dish guide if you want but xboxes is so much better, with more info, i dont see anyone useing the old way. The system itsef is quite nice looking, this i found shocking since the online prereviews said it was ugly. far from it. its a well made very nice looking system. its also completly quiet, cant hear anything and runs cool to the touch, even in my very tight entertainment center. THIS THING FEELS VERY NEXT GEN TO ME. wHAT AN UPGRADE. The kenect is also a major step forward. this thig is very accurate and fun to use. i really like how it signs me in when i walk in front of it. I also love that the contoller doesnt have to binded to a perticular person. just hand the controller to your friend and the kenect sees this and binds it to that person, very neat. My biggest complaint would be so minor that i barly want to say, I dont like the new system of reporting just unlocked achievements. This is not as easy as the old method. All in all, a very great sytem and i am as happy as i could be. With all the lies that were being reported before this thing came out, i was expecting a lot less.

  • Marc Daniel Eje - Amazing Vball

    My favourite volleyball so far. Great impact on the ball when hitting, and travels well. I highly recommend this ball

  • Review Master - Over a dozen crashes in the first few days of use. Total JUNK!

    Terrible. This program crashes multiple times a day, causing massive frustration. I am using a new HP laptop with the dual I7 processor. This computer is plenty fast to handle this program but it has been a huge waste of money. You get what you pay for. I just downloaded Adobe Premier. I would love to be able to return this POS program for a full refund. Huge waste of time and money.

  • puffcurls - GREAT product, BAD Seller

    GREAT Product: This is an amazing formula for babies with MSPI (milk or soy protein intolerance). I prefer it to Nutramigen, which has a lot more soy, smells worse, and does nto come in RFT (ready to feed) options. Another great option from Similac. My baby was diagnosed with colic from the beginning but I knew it was more than that. She did much better when I stopped consuming dairy while breastfeeding and now that she is older she is on this formula along with a dairy-free diet and most of her GI problems are gone.