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  • ReginaB. - A waste of money

    This might work for someone with dry/damaged hair. I have babyfine hair and this product leaves it even limper! :( There is no bounce at all in my hair. The only reason i gave it 2 stars rather than one is because my hair does seem shiny and healthier, and it feels very soft. Unfortunately, my hair LOOKS so bad that I can't continue to really use it. (I did keep it to use after swimming, since chlorine is so harsh. But I can't use it if I actually plan on leaving the house.) Again, it might work great for someone with thicker, coarser hair than mine. For me, it was really a let down.

  • Amazon Customer - Confession: I secretly wish I bought one for myself.

    I bought Cozmo for my 5 year-old godson and he absolutely loves it. I never had toys like this when I was growing up. I basically gave him a Wall-E puppy. As far as I’m aware, there’s nothing else like Cozmo on the market.

  • Rachel - We have owned a previous publication of this book that we enjoyed greatly.

    It was missing several pages and had double of other pages. We attempted to settle this matter but were unsuccessful. We have owned a previous publication of this book that we enjoyed greatly.

  • blake47089 - This stuff is amazing. I had a pretty significant leak in my ...

    This stuff is amazing. I had a pretty significant leak in my 350 gallon hot tub. If you follow the directions it works! You may need to do it a couple of times as the directions say due to the vibration of the jets. Again, I was amazed. This is a whole lot cheaper and easier than trying to find the leak.

  • belvora - Very impressive results

    I've been following this diet for about a month and am very impressed with the improvements my body has made. I feel better. I don't get the sugar crashes I've had forever. I'm down 10lbs. I haven't even done a cleanse yet. I have been a sugar addict most of my life and the vinegar helps the cravings tremendously. I'm very impressed with this book and diet. It's common sense once you read it and understand what she's talking about. I recommend for everyone to try for themselves.

  • Zachary Long - What are these new rules? Stick with classic and disregard

    I don't really get these new Fire & Ice rules, and based on the other reviews here on Amazon no one else totally understands it either. If you read the instructions you can just play Classic rules even with the new version and board. Classic rules were great for my 4 year old but even us adults don't get the new game so we just made fun house rules for what to do with the fire and ice tokens and new board spaces.