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  • Donald E. Halley - (No) Check please!

    Funny, but although I don;t write any paper checks any more, I prefer to keep a written record of my electronic debits. The problem is, it's hard to find reasonably priced check registers without buying blank checks! If you are like me, these fill the bill perfectly!

  • Tyler - Read this (all of it!) carefully before considering

    SO. I am a mouse freak. I'm a collector for some reason. My favorite mouse of all time is my EC1-a by Zowie. My hands are 22cm. Other mice in my collection: Razer DA Chroma, Logitech G303, Mionix Castor, Mionix Avior, Zowie Benq FK1, Zowie ZA12, SteelSeries Rival, Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 [rip :( ]. Received the Finalmouse 2016 a few days ago. I wasted my money but luckily for me Amazon has a great return policy and I'll be getting it back. Luckily for you, I'm here to save you money and hassle by telling you to avoid this product. First off, let me say that through testing this mouse, the performance was great thanks to the implementation of more smoothing in the 3310 sensor which actually I didn't find attractive, personally. Nothing new about the shape. Same old generic OEM shell slapped with a 3310 sensor and sold for 3 times the cost with ESports written on the package. I haven't had the 2015 but I've heard about the poor quality in several batches. Unfortunately folks this one is no different. The side buttons are bad. Real bad. They are a bit loose and rattle when the mouse is shaken. You can also see the white light from the scroll wheel LED in the gap between where the side buttons and the shell itself. The weight sure as hell isn't 74g either. More like 84-87g. Another issue: the left click and right clicks are like loose teeth. Especially the left mouse button. It is wobbly and makes me feel like I'm playing with a cheap 13 dollar mouse (well, because it basically is). They are also horribly soft and way too easy to misclick. Cherry on top: my hands are too large to hold this mouse comfortably. If your hands are 21cm or larger and you're a hybrid claw grip player you wont enjoy the shape. The right side needs to be flat for me. I can't stand the "ergonomic curvature" of the atrocious glossy right side. You CAN NOT have this mouse on your desk and feel good about it. At least I can't. And like I said, I collect these things. Filed for return. I'm looking forward to Zowie hopefully putting the 3360 sensor in the next refresh of the ec series mice. I'm also looking forward to more 3360 mice to hit the market. This will be the Finalmouse I ever purchase from Finalmouse.

  • Angela - Not as good as past versions

    I have have used several of the past verisions of Just Dance and love them but I am not as pleased with 2015. They have added so many options that it seems to take forever to move from one song to the next. It is just really slow to load and react between songs. Songs are great and so is the screen animation but you will have plenty of time to get a drink or even make lemonade between songs... (okay the lemondade is a bit of an exaggeration but it feels like it while you are waiting)

  • King Richard - Disappointed

    I have been a PS subscriber for decades. I am disappointed that this is an add on for PS. I subscribe to other magazines that simply offer an electronic version at no additional cost. Most of the time I would prefer to read the paper version however the ability to access a current issue when I am away would be desireable. I really grow weary of another attempt to squeeze yet another nickel, or in this case $1.99, out of folks while not producing anything new.

  • jtan - Got the wrong item notified the seller and they did me right, let me keep the first mistake and the sent the correct product

    Leak stopped the next day have not seen anything since getting the motor good and warm. This product worked for my rear seal leak

  • Melis S. - New diaper is horrible!

    We had to switch to these from Swaddlers Sensitive last month after my son moved up to a size 5. We didn't have any issues with the small package we bought at the grocery store as a trial, so we got two of the large boxes. My son has been going crazy scratching his back and waist area and trying to pull the diaper off ever since! I felt the inside lining of the diapers and it's incredibly rough and scratchy where there is no padding, especially in the waist area. We try folding the back inside since the outside is much softer but that's only a temporary solution as it doesn't always stay in place. I thought the problem was switching from Sensitive to Regular but reading the reviews and pictures posted I can see that we got the "new formula" in September. We need to find an alternative ASAP and don't know what to do! I can't torture my poor son with these things anymore. Sometimes when his scratching gets really bad I switch him to his overnight diaper (Huggies Overnites) and the scratching stops shortly after. But of course those are not comfortable to move around in during the day :(