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2 ZYRTEC complaints and reviews @ Pissed Consumer - Share your customer experience with Zyrtec here. Zyrtec - Don't take it unless you want to be highly pissed

  • Zyrtec - Don't take it unless you want to be highly pissed Review 147014 Oct 17, Elmhurst, Illinois @ Pissed Consumer - I took one tablet of Zyrtec before bed for 3 nights and had an adverse event by the 4th day. I became very highly agitated, in a very very bad black mood, and all around extremely pissed at everything and

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  • Book Reader - Back2Life Review

    I tried one of these once and ordered my own immediately. It seems to work like the spinal decompression machines that chiropractors advertise and really relaxes your back, immediately. The people who's machine I used were raving about it and said it really helped their back pain. There are lots of videos on the YouTube that explain how it works, which someone might want to watch before ordering. (UPDATE): November 17, 2009 - Received my own back machine and am using it after doing 'Bootcamp' at the gym and having my back so tight and beat up that I thought I might have to stop seems to relax the back to where you aren't tensing the muscles and you can stretch it out. If you go to Chiropractors I think this is what they call a 'release', where the tension goes away enough to where you can stretch your back and get it loosened up. Anyway, I've had really good luck with it. No matter what sort of back problems you have it seems like having something to relax your back would be helpful. The videos (on Youtube) indicate that its more for long term relief, but so far the short term relief seems good. UPDATE: July 24, 2010: Found what this is best for...I noticed that every time I'd use it (sometimes twice in a row) that I would sleep really well...I hadn't realized how a stiff neck keeps you awake. So now I use it regularly just to sleep more relaxed. After using this and being more able to do 'core exercises' in bootcamp, I'd reclassify myself as someone who doesn't have back problems, or at least 2 or 3 on a scale of 10. The 'Sarge' at Bootcamp has been convinced by some back surgeon that what he needs is to have his spine fused...I gave him the brochure for this and hoping he'll try it instead or at least get some chiropractic, I'm going with this!


    I purchased the Wenger for its telescopic pointer, and let me tell you, I can point SOOOOOO good with this thing! I'd say it increased my pointing efficiency by at least 37.892%!