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  • Johanna B - The transfer factor are amazing!!

    The transfer factor are amazing!!! My father suffers from hypertension and needs daily medication. The transfer factors provide him with balance and support for his immune system. For him, it works quickly and effective. He not only loves them but at this price we buy them often.

  • Alison - I wouldn't be without it!!

    My high demand work means I need to maintain energy and never get sick. Definitely notice the big difference when I don't take it..tired by three and dogging. With Cellfood I can go all day never catch the annoying colds co workers get. It's my bullet proof secret..and it's all natural

  • badger42 - Home Designer Suite

    I am a hobbyist, and this program is great for people like me. I was able to pull it right out of the packaging and begin creating a floorplan. It was a bit tricky trying to get the exact dimensions I wanted, but it wasn't too hard to figure out. The web-based support was actually pretty helpful for all of the small issues I had starting up.

  • zacman - Could be major drawbacks for some users.

    For some, this product will work out fine. However, beware of the "customizable" claim. I started with the financial power of attorney form and the health directive form. It will create a product based on answers you provide to the series of questions. However....and this is a big BUT for me - it will only print what it creates from those answers and you cannot edit the final product in any way. If you put in different answers you will get a bit of a different document, but once you are done you are done - you get a PDF document you cannot edit. I wanted to change a few things to suit my particular needs but cannot do so. I did some research and I can buy an additional product for $70 which will allow me to take the saved PDF and export it to Word where I can then edit and print from there. But without that product you cannot export to word and cannot change the PDF version you get after answering questions. Some change is possible in some sections, but not in others that were important to me. Very disappointed in that aspect. I searched the help area but there is nothing there that advises you can change the PDF document you get. Had I known that I would not have bought it.

  • Gregory F Saunders - Great musicians!

    While I am not always crazy about Ringo's tunes, the musicianship of the band over comes it. This is an amazing group of musicians that play well off of each other. Fantastic!

  • MJRedd - Not a believer, but tried it on a whim. No one more surprised than me when it really helped my pain.

    I have osteoarthritis in only a few joints of my hands, and I can ignore and forget about it most of the time. But when the pain flares up, it can get really bad. My mom-in-law swears by some topical cream for her arthritis but I never believed something like that could help....didn't make sense to me. Out of desperation one day, I picked up a jar of Australian Cream for no real reason. I'd never heard of it. I balked at the price, but still I decided to try it. And after applying it to my aching hand, I didn't feel any warmth or tingling...nothing. I assumed I had wasted my money -- that is, til about a half hour later when I realized my joints were no longer aching much at all! There was no numbness, no odor, nothing remarkable. The pain had just ebbed so much it was almost gone. I have no clue how or why it works, but this cream absolutely does work for me! I urge you to try it if you suffer from similar bouts of pain. I have nothing to gain by posting this review. Just glad I found it. (Purchased at Walgreens)