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  • Amazon Customer - they look great and seem to be very sturdy

    Not too difficult to install, though I wish the instructions were a little clearer in a few areas. These areas are how to palce the protective film (exactly how), that was confusing. All in all, they look great and seem to be very sturdy.

  • Jim Shoe - As advertised

    So far the Sole F80 lives up to it's great reviews. The assembly took about 30 min and was pretty straight forward. However as mentioned in other reviews this thing is heavy. You will need some strong backs to get it in the house. Would recommend this model.

  • Barb - Mislead on Payroll Package

    After ordering the package for QB Pro 2012 and Enhanced Payroll, we found the same issue most of have had with this product... employees limited to 3 for payroll. This was purchased with the assistance of a QbProAdvisor that was not aware of the "limited" employee version either. Way too misleading. QB is a great product however it is very confusing when ordering the payroll product outside of the Intuit website and should have HIGHLIGHTED this limitation, as well as the true cost to upgrade to unlimited.

  • T. James - A Gem With a Flaw

    Thornton raises this film out of the "seen this plot before" category. We've seen courtroom dramas before, wherein a down and out or new attorney takes on a mega-corporation. Like "The Verdict" with Paul Newman, this one succeeds with a seasoned uber-actor, a strong supporting cast and some good writing. I took away one star for two reasons. One was because some dramatic license was taken with legal procedure and it offends my lawyer's soul. The second and more important reason has to do with the bad guy role. William Hurt, with his unique and unfailing artistry, manages to portray the villainous opposition with complexity. That amazes me because the writing for that role was so melodramatic and derivative of the Godfather –-topped off with an operatic sound track-- that it outright suspended my suspension of disbelief. Still, I binge watched it and enjoyed it greatly.

  • Sporty - Christmas Gift

    I bought this item for my grandson's Christmas gift. Diamondback has a reputation of being a top of the line bicycle and this one confirms it. Superb construction and he loves it.

  • S. Mulhern - Crap. Watch now frozen.

    Crap. Poor directions. Bluetooth kept disconnecting, even though I was wearing the watch and the phone. Mediatek app connected occasionally. Now the watch is frozen. I cannot turn it off and am waiting for the battery to run out.

  • Marion M - Five Stars

    Great price, great reading. I have been reading this magazine 30 years ago and stopped, resumed again this year!