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  • Teresa Stephens - deja vu products

    I've read a lot of negative comments about deja vu, but I have to say that after using the facial peel,cleanser, night cream, eye cream and serum for a week, my skin looks and feels great. I'm 45 with combination skin and starting to get sun spots and lines. These products make my skin look luminous and healthy. I've even been going out without makeup. I had buyers remorse after spending $250, but now I'm glad I did. I will buy from amazon next time, but so far, I'm impressed and I've tried a lot of products. They do need a better translator for the writing on the boxes though, lots of typos and grammer boo boos. :)

  • Kitty S. - I love this product

    I love this product. I started using this "no poo" shampoo when my hairdresser recommended it for my curly hair. I have now been using it for months, and I noticed a difference after about a month I would say. If you are switching directly from regular shampoos to this No Poo, it can be quite different, as it does not lather. It requires quite a work in, I generally scrub pretty vigorously with my fingertips, focusing on the roots of my hair and allowing the no poo to coat the rest of my hair naturally.

  • T-Powers - Dissapointed

    Sorry guys, I had high hopes for this one. It is hardly ever connected, even when I put it next to my router. Oh, and one day I thought, let me put it on the dining room table, may get a better reception. Bad move! My dog dragged the Furbo down, chewed up part of the top part and the lid. But the worst is that I cannot get it to connect, let's say only once a week for an hour or so. I want to be able to see my dogs all the time while at work! Is there an update on the app maybe?

  • Ashtin - Was very happy with this perches

    Was very happy with this perches. Got it for my boy friends birthday. It was delivered at our work he took it right out the box and enjoyed 30min. Before the battery died which I was shocked right out the box it run that long. It's faster then I thought it would be as well and very durable! Took a lot of flips and kept on going. Does great in grass and on concrete. Completely satisfied with it.