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  • nicki: what's good, miley?miley, swiftly... I Am Literal Trash - nicki: what's good, miley? miley, swiftly unraveling her blonde dreads: who's miley i'm hannah montanna
  • randomshittocheeryouup: Here are some sleeping... I Am Literal Trash - randomshittocheeryouup: “ Here are some sleeping cats to help you keep your mind off things and hopefully make you smile! ”
  • whitewingdoves: me @ myself: maybe u should try... I Am Literal Trash - whitewingdoves: “ me @ myself: maybe u should try not to depend so much on validation and attention from others because u really let it dictate your mood and it’s so unhealthy me: huh. interesting....
  • gwendolinechristie: i want to be good. and do... I Am Literal Trash - gwendolinechristie: “ i want to be good. and do good. and be nice to people. and make people happy. and have good and healthy relationships with people. i want to learn to forgive and i want to...
  • gotitforcheap: friend: hey what are you... I Am Literal Trash - gotitforcheap: “ friend: hey what are you listening to me pulling out headphones: this rapper, as soon as possible rocky ”
  • queenvictoriaroyalty: abernatty: this “me, an... I Am Literal Trash - queenvictoriaroyalty: “ abernatty: “ this “me, an intellectual” meme is the funniest thing ” You : this me, an intellectual meme is the funniest thing Me, an intellectual: indeed, the mockery of...

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  • Pamela - Disappointing Sequel

    I am a big fan of the original Independence Day. I watch it nearly every time it plays on TV. I was expecting more from the sequel. The dialogue is pretty bad, and is a far cry from the humor of the first. Jeff had lousy lines, and only Liam had anything clever to say. Looks like the setup is leading to an ID3. I hope they hire better writers.

  • Brandon - Better than my old one

    When I had my first child I bought one of these so I could watch her and make sure she was alright at all times. When she started to get older I kept it up to make faces and her and watch her do all sorts of silly and crazy kid things in the back seat. This may sound great, but the problem was the first one I bought was not this one. It had two strap systems to wrap around a headrest and if you did not have a compatible headrest you were out of luck.

  • keyoko reeves - Absolutely love it

    My skin is very sensitive and I can not use anything but aveeno and dove! I love the fact that I can use something very gentle but still have a scent! I use this on my little niece as well but mainly for myself

  • G. Norman Riebel - How did live without it!

    I had a job to do that required me to assemble the work on site. I was able to precut all parts and predrill the pocket holes in the shop. The parts were then transported to the site and assembled. Glue was applied to the pieces and assembled and ready to finish in a short time. I do not know how long and how many clamps would have been required if I had used biscuits, dowels or any other type of assembly. This is probably one of the best specialty tools I have ever bought.

  • Kevin S. - This Shampoo makes my sad head of hair look good day-in and day-out

    I've tried about every shampoo product I can think of. From the mega-pricey ones they push on you at the salon to the bottom shelf at the grocery store. My head has been spared nothing, but for some reason never had this stuff. It's the jam. Just a little bit and whammo! My fine head of 'always a bad hair day' strands look freakin' good. Nice even. Shiny and alive. It's like magic and smells good.

  • Jonathan baldiosera - Dont read the rest of the other super technical reviews they are too exaggerated

    Dont read the rest of the other super technical reviews they are too exaggerated. The shavers are good and they do the job. I hate reading reviews before I get a product. They make me hesitant. People complain about foolish things, then when I have it I actually like it and it isnt bad like how people comment on it.

  • Wendy L. Meneses - Outstanding dietary plan!!!

    Highly recommended! My husband was able to stop taking his BP medicine within one week. This is not another diet, but rather, it is a change in eating frequency and timing.