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Erdosteine, Aceclofenac, Aricept(Donepezil Hydrochloride), Aniracetam - Xi'an HaiXin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - we are Xian HaiXin pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. a Chinese Sino-America join-venture manufacturer,a large pharmaceutical factory which Supply various types of Pharmaceutical raw material.

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  • Richard - I have never used a deep repair mask like this.

    This "Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask" has me in Shock.... all I can say is wow... wow ... wow... wow..

  • Eric M. - Easy install.

    Install was amazingly simple. It went on perfectly with no air bubbles. I just positioned the left hand side and lowered the right hand side down. You could see it stick to the glass as the air was squeezed out. The surface feels very natural and much better than any film based protectors I have tried in the past.

  • Betty - NO crusty dishes to deal with

    Best of all, there were NO crusty dishes to deal with later. We just popped everything into the trash bin and went on our merry way.

  • Amazon Customer - Works very good

    I think the Tac-Trap works better that the skeeter vac itself. It surely catches more bugs than the Vac part of the unit. Don't waste your money on the mosquito attractant. I saw no difference in the kill numbers when I used it versus when I did not.

  • Jaguar - Ultra my a$$!

    I planted this twice. Each time there was a germination percentage of at least 50 percent - not very good. The worst part for me was that both times I used this seed at least 20 percent of the grass is an ugly coarse broad leaf grass that isn't dark or even medium green - I've seen prettier crab grass. Now I have to kill my lawn once again and start over with a different seed... very disappointed.

  • Abby J. Treesh - Great Elliptical for the Price

    We've had the E25 for about 10 months. This is a great elliptical machine for the price. It is really heavy and very sturdy and it wasn't too hard for us to put together ourselves. Most of our time putting it together was spent trying to retrieve a wrench we dropped inside the flywheel housing. Be sure to get the main middle support bolts really tight - this is the part that supports all of your weight and holds the display - get the bolts as tight as you can physically get them - but don't drop anything down the hole - retrieving the wrench was not fun or easy.

  • kdb268 - Great mat

    I'm not picky about my mats, but my old 3mm was getting a little old, so I thought I'd upgrade. I was a little worried that it would be too plushy and throw off my balance, but it feels really good and stable. I do hot yoga, so I always have a towel over it, which means I can't comment on whether it's slippery or anything like that, but it's good for my needs.