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  • J. Wallace - Rock Solid

    I bought the SBG6580 a few months ago to replace an aging Linksys WCG200 gateway. The Linksys had been fine, and it got me addicted to the all-in-one concept, rather than having a separate modem and wireless router. I never had much trouble with the Linksys most of the time I had it. However, it did seem to be starting to "go," with more frequent reboots required toward the end. So, I checked my ISP's web site (Cox) to find out what wireless gateways were on their "good guy list" and I found the SBG6580 on it. I was very interested in upgrading from wireless G to N, and a quick search of Best Buy's site told me that my local store had the SBG6580 in stock. I found it very easy to set up, and I started running speed and ping tests on it to see if it was really "all that." The ping test revealed some issues, and as noted in other reviews, I traced it to that darned "IP Flood Detection" checkbox on the Firewall page. I turned that off, and BOOM, I was off to the races! I just checked the Status page, and the gateway has been "up" for over 66 days without interruption. I heartily recommend this device.

  • been there done that - Disappointed

    The book itself is good, however there are many online resources to interact with and as home schoolers we found it extremely difficult to access them. Holt McDougal sends you to the History Channel website where you are supposed to have an access code. When I tried to contact HMH online and by phone to try and utilize these resources, the email didn't work, phone connection hung up..and even after I got through the automated phone menu that said 'press 2 for access code', the person on the phone was confused by what I meant and hung up yet again. Content okay, but if you are trying to utilize all aspects of the curriculum it was very disappointing.

  • Kate - No Effect

    This just plain didn't work on my face. I know it works for most people, and I'm glad it does, but my hopes were pretty crushed. I'm not writing this a bad review because I didn't do it right; I followed the exact directions: 2-3 thin masks for 20+ minutes daily. I'm not writing this a bad review because it made my acne worse: I'd be happy if it had; that would make me think it was indeed drawing impurities to the surface/purging/detoxing. Rather, this product has had no effect (good or bad) on my acne whatsoever.

  • cdc8161 - Love this chair!!

    This chair and all of the attachments/accessories I ordered really helped me with maintaining my flexibility. It has also helped my stiff joints feel better and move better. Thanks!

  • Verified Consumer - Last for a Week Bad Product 3M

    I used these to apply to a mirror on a door. The adhesive failed after a week. I tried a second pack and it was the same result. Yes, I applied these to four corners on a flush silurface and they all failed. I am very disappointed. Very poor product from 3M

  • donna l. m. g. - Happy about my purchase!

    My 3 pack Easy Read checkbook Register was just what I wanted.Since getting older I need to have larger print to make it easier so I won,t make mistakes.The price was very good compared to the other ones I could have bought. My books came in the mail pretty quick too! Thank you.

  • Susanne Vergara - Good GRE prep material

    I first purchased GRE for Dummies as a review for the GREs. I was not sure if that would be good enough so I purchased the Princeton Review and Kaplan prep books. Kaplan and Princeton Review were much better than GRE for Dummies. I will explain in detail in a moment, but first I need to say that none of the three prep books I purchased covered all of the math in sufficient detail. If you were good in math in high school or college you will not have a problem with the lack of comprehensive math coverage. However, if you are like me, who took their last math course in the 11th grade, because you are not inclined towards math, or you have been out of college for more than 10 years, you might want to purchase the CliffNotes Math Review for Standardized Tests, latest edition. It is by far the best and most comprehensive math review and it has lots of great practice exercises and tests. It explains concepts well. The math in the GRE prep guides can supplement CliffNotes and you should definitely study the techniques in the GRE prep books, because they are specifically geared to the GRE test, but they assume a certain amount of pre-knowledge. Now back to Princeton. Princeton and Kaplan complemented one another as far as the verbal and essay writing sections were concerned. Princeton excelled at vocabulary drills and explaining how to handle the abstruse reading comprehension passages. They give you lots of good practice drills. They also do a good job of teaching you how to analyze a reading passage. They teach you step by step. They were the best for teaching the reading comprehension. I found Kaplan to be extremely helpful for writing the issue and argument essays. They do the best job of explaining the parts of the argument essay, like premise, conclusion, hidden assumptions, evidence etc. I really got these concepts after I read Kaplan, which was the last book I studied. Both Princeton and Kaplan have different lists of vocab with some of it overlapping and you need to know all of those words. Princeton and Kaplan have full length practice tests in the back of their books and access to online tests as well. The Kaplan online test came closest to the ETS practice tests that you can download from the ETS website, in fact they were even better, because they gave you that extra experimental section that ETS will give you on exam day, which increases the length of the exam. Take as many practice tests as you can and learn from your mistakes. You are given a chance to review all of your answers, right and wrong and see explanations of the correct answers and why they are correct. That is tremendously helpful. My final advice is do not buy GRE for Dummies, but do use both the Princeton Review and the Kaplan Prep books. Those two are well worth the investment. All of the prep books recommend studying for several hours a day, five days a week, for three months prior to the exam. That is advice well worth taking unless you are exceptionally bright. I took the exam and my scores on exam day were consistent with the scores I got during the last week that I was taking the practice tests. (I took practice tests for several weeks). Therefore, I knew that I had done the best I could have possibly done for me.