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ZURAMPIC® (lesinurad) - ZURAMPIC® (lesinurad) treats high uric acid in people with gout who are already taking allopurinol or Uloric.

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  • Flavorfey - Wow one use and its amazing!!!!!

    I was so happily surprised that just after one use my hair is shinier and my usual curly hairstyle is much softer and fuller. Also there's usually lots of hair that falls out and there was much less. I'm looking forward too continues weekly use to see what happens since its amazing what one use has done. Although I did not care for the scent this stuff is great. I use mousse anyway and that covered the scent from this deep conditioning masque. Its not a real bad scent but its not that fruity or flowery scent I personally like. To me it was more like a medicine type smell but as I said with the great results I had I can definitely get passed the smell and overlook the smell and use other products I have to make my hair smell good. I would definitely recommend this hair product to anyone who wants to prevent hair loss. I do realize this does not bring back hair growth or at least it doesn't claim to do that but its a hair loss prevention therapy. I'm looking forward to not loss anymore hair since I started thinning a couple years ago in the back of my head. I think using this now was a good decision since I'm at the beginning stages and at the moment I'm the only one who can tell I'm thinning. In a few weeks I will be happy to give an update on this product and any future results because I'm sure there's gonna be better results if its already working great. I did receive this product at a discount or fro free for my honest review

  • Roy F - Very fun, but limited for now

    I purchased Cozmo on their early release and you need a cell phone to connect to it, but it is a very simple setup. My daughter is into robotics in HS and I figured she'd like this a whole lot and I wasn't wrong. She remarked it sounded like Wall E and that it has an AI learning capability that would amaze younger kids. She thought it was hilarious when it learns and says your name to you. Like all engineering people they want to take it apart or tinker with the program. I think this is where toys in the future are going and this one is a lot of fun. It is limited in its abilities so far, like stacking cubes and playing a fast tap game against you, but there appears to be more program updates coming. It's the reason I gave it 4/5 stars is because it is limited, but I expect that will change soon because the company did a very nice job on their Anki Overdrive set which I bought for a nephew.

  • got pitbull - WOW...tried other's, this is great

    I'm 52, live in Az. ( just great for the skin-not). I've been using retinol products for few years. This is the first time I've tried Roc, always been curious, so I did. WOW. I kid you not, I love this stuff. I use a retinol serum/ pump/ brightener ( different brand), after I wash my face, wait a few minutes, then use this as my moisturizer. #1- a little goes a LONG way! don't worry if you're applying enough, you are. #2- I've never been told that my face looks so good. Brighter? smoother? what's your secret? about 5 days after 1st application, and significant results! I'm so glad I tried this I had to share. The retinol brightener before helps too, but if I forget to "pump" and only use this- no worries! Give this a try. So much stuff out there, most is just talk. Not this. wow.. I'm seeing if Roc has the serum I use, because I'm sold!


    If you have ever cut a filter open so see how it's made, you need to see these to appreciate the quality. I find they are the best and I am running two "Cobra" engines.