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You&Me Magazine | Bringing you compelling stories about the human side of any kind of medical condition - We are a web-based magazine dedicated to bringing you the most compelling stories about the human side of any kind of medical condition: Surgery, psychiatry, medicine, or social - either from a provider, family, caregiver or individual perspective.

  • About Us | You&Me Magazine - You&Me-America's Medical Magazine is a registered US trademark by AleCat LLC Welcome to You&Me-America's Medical Magazine. Please look around our site. We are updating our content on a regular basis and be sure and check back frequently for new feature articles and other material. We have all the tools for social networking and want to keep developing a community of people who are interested in medicine and the people who are involved in it-from either a patient or a provider perspective.
  • Glaucoma: I Can See Clearly Now | You&Me Magazine - I went in for what I thought would be a regular eye exam. It turned out to be one of those life changing moments.
  • Medical Mission: Helping Hands | You&Me Magazine - Imagine a mother and father waiting for the arrival of their unborn child. When the day they have anxiously awaited for arrives, their child is born with severe defects, such as cleft palate, club feet, or any other disfigurement.
  • Heart Attack: Never Too Young? | You&Me Magazine - What does a heart attack feel like? Do you think a heart attack feels very painful? Do you think you will clutch your heart as they do on TV?
  • Plant Poisoning: Never Take a Plant for Granted! | You&Me Magazine - I have gardened for over the past twenty years and thought nothing could surprise me anymore but one chilly April evening that came to a halt with a knock at the back door.
  • Near Drowning and Stroke: Not Out of the Water Yet | You&Me Magazine - I thought someone had put a clipboard on my stomach, and I wondered why they’d do that. I lifted my head slightly and opened my eyes. What I saw terrorized me. It was my own curled left hand sitting on my waist.
  • Whatever I Want | You&Me Magazine - Three years into my new life as a Gastric Bypass patient, I continue on a journey into my past to see if I can answer some of the questions I have about what led me to the 385lb high water mark in my life.
  • When the Doctors Don't Know: Diagnosing Fibromyalgia | You&Me Magazine - I was a fake. I was a liar. I was putting on a show and looking for attention. As far as he was concerned, there was nothing medically wrong with me. And he had the tests to prove it!
  • Because I Didn't Die | You&Me Magazine - In the fifteen months since my most serious suicide attempt, I can say that I am learning more about myself everyday.
  • Kawasaki: Our Encounter with a Rare Pediatric Illness | You&Me Magazine - Because our son Louis’s condition was undiagnosed the first time he went to the hospital, there was naturally the concern about it being something contagious.
  • Cholestasis of Pregnancy: Holding On For Life | You&Me Magazine - Pregnancy was driving me crazy. At 36 weeks I wanted to jump out of my skin; I was itchy all over.

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