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  • C.S. - Best Vac for the $

    I was skeptical about this vac but it does work as advertised. Two things that take away from it is no onboard storage for the 24" crevace tool and power brush and it does tip over if the hose is not under the hook on the side which then makes it too short to relly use it at the full length it was designed for. I use this vac in a RV with a shedding dog and it is light weight and small enough to store. The dust cup was easy to empty and didn't make a mess like other bagless vacs I have had. Over all this is a good vac for the $. I also have a Shark hand vac which I also love. Keep up the good work Shark!

  • sophie howell - worth the try!

    For our little guy, this doesnt seem to work every time and he doesnt seem to really like it, but the integrity of the product is good and it seems to be helpful to a certain extent. our little guy gets painful bubbles and we hoped this would be a miracle cure. i am sure it has helped but is not the cure-all for the issue.

  • Randel metzinger - Great speakers

    Pretty sweet ass speakers man. I've got some older RF Fanatic Q components in my other car and these outperform those by a decent margin. Most notable attribute is the bass response from the woofers. The tweeters sound great but I was really surprised by the thump of the 6.5" woofers

  • Ingolf Lygren - Missing thread adapter

    There is no thread adapter and therfore I can not install this on my 2012 Wrangler. I think the thread size on my wrangler is 5/16 X 18.

  • TRBob - MS Publisher 2010

    Publisher 2010 was easy to install and register. I was able to start using the program using my old template. I am still exploring the many changes with the new program,I was using MS Publisher 2003.

  • Paolo & Francesca - The unending plot of the economic royalists and their 80 year cycles of Great Forgetting

    I read this book exclusively on the subway commuting to work in the winter of 2015, and it was both incredibly disturbing and extremely engaging. Thom Hartmann takes a deep look at the economic crisis of today and puts it in the context of economic crises in history. Beginning with the American Revolution, Hartmann explains how economic crashes have happened with regularity in the United States in a cycle where the economic elite consolidates power, crashes everything, and then the public rebels and creates reforms, followed by decades of forgetting during which the elites come to power again. The American Revolution was a rebellion against British corporate oppression, when the British government gave subsidies to big corporations like the East India Company while taxing mom and pop establishments in the United States. The colonial citizens revolted by boycotts and declaring independence from Britain. Eighty years later, the economic elite tried to monopolize expansion of the west by trying to bring slaves with them, but the working class countered with measures that lead to the Civil War. Without free slave labor the south had to compete equally with settlers who only had their own labor at their disposal. However the next eighty years was shaped by huge advances in technology and a concentration of economic power in the hands of a few wealthy elite. Workers were oppressed, industries turned into monopolies, and politics were corrupted by the influence of big money. Eventually this led to the crash of 1929, followed by a decade of economic depression, and then years of rigorous reform. Unions were organized, working conditions improved, wages increased, the environment protected, limits were placed on corporate wealth, and a burgeoning middle class emerged.

  • Scott Otocki - This tray is great for long travel or car trips

    This tray is great for long travel or car trips.Side mesh pockets are good simple storage for older toddlers.There is no raised edge on the front side of the tray (near child's stomach), so toys can and do still fall onto the child's lap, but that wasn't a problem for us. The area of the tray is generous.There is one simple belt that fastens around your child's body, so it is easy to take the tray on/off as needed. Our two year old couldn't even reach the far edge, but soon learned she could lift her feet and tilt the tray towards herself to retrieve a toy that had rolled out of her reach. I have order another one,For this price Great product.