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  • 1armywife2 - nuwave ovdn

    I recieved it, it looked great, went out and baught a frozen chicken to try. Its been 4 hours now, still not done, very dissapointed. My oven could of done this faster.everything was even cooked according to the sheet. This is very unsatisfactory. And another thing, the discount club and vacation club they try to push on you, that was misleading as well. In order to collect the free gift cards, you have to spend three times more money to get one $25 card. They told me I would recieve a $100 card. I even asked them if this was the $100 card I get up front, they said yes. They lied. This entire experience has been a bad one.

  • Wool - Powerful

    Powerful blender, had it for about a month. I've used the blender for large quantity smoothies and juices, single serve sizes for just myself, and the food processor portion to make various salsas. I've never had an issue with items not getting processed or cut down enough. The blender makes quick work of anything I've throw in there from frozen peaches, onion, to tomatoes. The single serve, pulse, dough, and blend settings are displayed clearly on the base. Locking suction cups hold the blender's base to the counter. I haven't made dough in it..yet.

  • Sashimoto - For shock value it hits the mark, but also reeks of poor taste: *** WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT

    For months like everyone else I've been squirming to discover the cliff hanger: who dies? Now that I've seen this episode I'm sorry I watched it.

  • Erin Gallucci - Works great!

    Ordered this for duallie stroller as I have a newborn and a 2 year old. Works great, snaps right in like the snack tray does and the car seat snaps right into it..easy!

  • travelintexans - Must have and use with front load washers

    These are a must for your washing machine. Ever now and then, especially when your washer is in the point of draining in the cycle you suddenly find yourself and your spouse blaming each other for who just broke wind. All the while, the washer is just laughing at you and not saying anything at all.

  • John Snuff - This stuff works

    My son has an old VW New Beetle with 125000 + miles on it. He complained to me it was running rough and sounded funny at times (actually not funny). I added a quart of this to the oil as well as a cup of Lucas gas treatment and everything got better.I use it in my 14 year old van as well. I mentioned this product to my mechanic and was told he uses it as well. I know you hear a lot about additives are a waste of money but this stuff is not. I highly recommend it. Cheers,John Snuff

  • Saif - Upgraded my pedals now it looks great, fixing gas pedal was very quick however brake ...

    Upgraded my pedals now it looks great, fixing gas pedal was very quick however brake pedals took me about 15mins. Just follow the instructions given along and it will become easy.