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Home - The International Pompe Association (IPA) is an International federation of Pompe disease patients groups.

Country:, Europe, DE

City: 13.4062 Land Berlin, Germany

  • EuroMom - Must have product

    I have been using this aspirator for several years now. My first model came from Europe and I am so please to see that Amazon sells it now. I tell all the new mothers to be that this is one of the top 3 must have products when you have a baby. This product will prevent/reduce duration of colds. I tried using the Nosefrida aspirator and didn't like it as it wasn't nearly as efficient as the Baby Vac. Now when my 3 YO son has a runny nose he asks for the baby vac since it gives him such a relief. He uses it by himself. I always spray little bit of saline solution in his nose before we use the aspirator.

  • lord viper scorpion - i am sticking with BF4

    review of full game not the Beta. well its a step up from Battlefront, but that is not saying much since a hernia is a step up from Battlefront. The game does have a fair amount of content including a campaign mode but the campaign is pretty easy, short, boring, and not very challenging even on hard. I beat it while waiting for the game to download. The game looks great and most of the maps are well detailed. I think every map does need some more work in order to be enjoyable. The bigger maps have objectives that are far apart causing a ton of people to snipe or hang out and wait for a vehicle. The smaller map are to tight quarters with far to many corners causing a ridiculous amount of camping. The weapons/engagements need a ton of fixing. the assault class primary weapon is useless from medium to long range. The sniper rifles are to easy (I got 17 kills with it the first time I used one). The hit markers seem a bit off as well. My biggest complaint though is how much this game feels like Battlefront and not BF3, or 4. The game doesn't encourage teamwork. There is a ton of spawn in and sprint somewhere, kill someone by shooting then in the back, then you get killed by getting shot in the back and then do it all over again. The big question. Is the game fun. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  • dis-satisfied - great product

    Works every time if you follow the directions. It says give 48 hours without toxins, but to be safe i always give 72 and have never failed using this product. I always keep 1 on hand just incase. Like it says 48-72 hours and ONLY refill it 4 times or 32 OZ of water and your Golden