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  • Windows 10 Update Will Add Some Serious Gaming Features | WINDOWS NEWS CENTER - In New York this morning, Microsoft reps pulled back the curtain on some new features for Windows 10 known as the "Creators Update." It'll arrive in early 2017
  • A closer look at the Battlefield Companion app for Windows 10 Mobile | WINDOWS NEWS CENTER - Away from the front line? Battlefield Companion is a handy addition to your loadout! Battlefield 1 has finally hit store shelves, offering one of the best
  • Everything Microsoft revealed: Surface Studio, Windows 10 Creators Update and more | WINDOWS NEWS CENTER - The Surface Studio’s content-friendly design and Windows 10’s new content creation tools are amplified by the Surface Dial, a radical puck that can control
  • Microsoft’s Dial is coming to the Surface Pro and Book | WINDOWS NEWS CENTER - The Surface Dial lets you flip through documents, change your screen brightness, and "rewind" your work back to an earlier version, to name a few functions.
  • Windows security: Google flags up new critical Adobe Flash Player flaw | WINDOWS NEWS CENTER - Google told Adobe that an exploit for the bug is in the wild and is being used to attack machines running Windows 10, as well as Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Update focuses on blending real life and virtual environments | WINDOWS NEWS CENTER - Cleveland Clinic has released its annual list of its anticipated top medical breakthroughs of the coming year. Here are the top five: * The microbiome. No
  • Windows 10 PC build 14393.351 now available for Release Preview and Slow Rings | WINDOWS NEWS CENTER - <!]> Pre-Order: Surface Studio | New Surface Book Shop: Xbox One S Bundles | NEW Dell XPS 13"
  • Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Update: 3 Reasons why Microsoft October Event is Extremely Important [VIDEO] | WINDOWS NEWS CENTER - Will we see a new Surface Pro 5 this year? In a few days ahead, Microsoft will hold a Windows 10 event which takes place in New York. Microsoft Surface
  • Surface Pro 5 Release Date, News & Update: Microsoft No News About Much-Awaited Laptop? | WINDOWS NEWS CENTER - Microsoft has no words yet about the anticipated Surface Pro 5, but focuses on Windows 10 update and Surface Book. (Photo: Sushant kumar/YouTube Screenshot)
  • Gaming features in Windows 10 Creator’s Update include native Beam streaming | WINDOWS NEWS CENTER - Game Broadcasting for Windows 10 is coming, which brings built-in game streaming to the platform at the OS level. The tech for this is built using Beam, the
  • Windows 10 gets more social with “My People,” a taskbar feature focused on sharing, communication | WINDOWS NEWS CENTER - Microsoft’s next version of its Windows 10 operating system, the Creator’s Update announced this morning, is about to get a lot more social. The company

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  • c.tyler - it concerns me as whether or not this is an authentic product.

    The lid/top/squirter whatever it is called broke the moment I touched it. I made one simple attempt to squirt the product into my hands so that i could use it for the first time, and the lid broke. I packaged it and sent it right back. it concerns me as whether or not this is an authentic product. A bottle that flimsy or cheap: maybe thats the reason why this product is only $35 vs the competitors same product at $89.

  • Kindle Customer - Very pleased!

    I've had this hot plate for almost 2 months and have no complaints this far. The look and feel of it far surpasses the $10-15 hot plates you find at local stores. It is very heavy and sturdy, and the legs don't wobble.

  • John - We've Been To This Rodeo Before

    These seem to pump out of the same machine every six years or so, including my personal favorite- Why Jesus Will Return by 1988. Look, we get it ok? The Uber,, "upper class" is and has forever been screwing us, with the logical end result of the enslavement of the so called "middle" class until the final joke to end all jokes is revealed- namely that there never WAS a "middle" class and that it was a uniquely American ruse that there ever was one. Finally, the cold potato that we must all eventually swallow is that the term "middle class" is just a pacifier that we, the 99 percent in the "lower class" use to try and hold onto the shreds of our dignity. Don't believe it? Use this test: If we are the middle class and the "upper class" is known to be defined as the top 1 percent, would somebody please point to the other 49 percent of all the people out there who have LESS financial security than you and your family do? I'll wait... And oh, by the way, it's not another invisible sub-class out there that is living from paycheck to paycheck, who couldn't come up with $400 in an extreme emergency WITHOUT borrowing from family, selling something or incurring more debt from one of those legalized juice loans called the payday advance loans (relax pal, it's only 47 percent interest PER WEEK). Just don't get sick, you won't get out of the hospital for less than $10,000 for a three night stay in a semi-private. And that's assuming that nothing's wrong with you. Need surgery? Then I've got some bad news for you. And oh, by the way, your 28 hrs a week second job called- you're out of sick time and have thus subjected yourself to discipline (when you return). And don't you DARE try to do all this as a woman or you'll be doing it with 1.7 kids and all for 30-35 percent per hour less than everybody else in the "middle" class. Wake up, will ya pal? You're a SLAVE. You're no better than that guy (it used to be two guys- what happened to the other guy?) who empties your garbage cans every Monday morning. But don't worry. Your company needs you. You'll be training the new kid- what's his name again? "Rizwan Naymuddin" to do your job next week? Hmmm. I wonder where they are going to put him? Ah, nothing to worry about. You're in the Middle Class, after all. By the way, did you hear about that court ruling about five years ago that says that all corporations are "people" now?