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  • Young@Heart - Rather average performance

    This is fairly quiet, until you turn it to high. Then it gets a bit noisy. The app is pretty neat, it is rather fun to turn it on and off while you are away from home, it really freaks out your family if they are not expecting it!

  • Kelly - ... it as much as I should but it is fun. My husband

    Don't use it as much as I should but it is fun. My husband, who is in Army physical shape, has a hard time doing this for long periods of time. But me who had a baby by c-section 8 months ago, i still experience pain now and then, I can dance for a hour or so. Fun songs, moves and I really like the work out feature. It allows you to play any song from the list while timing you. The dance moves are different in the sweat mode but still really fun.

  • Mary Klein - I love, love

    I love, love, love this water pic! It comes pre-charged. It also has a little latex type of plug that goes into the slot where the charger would go when the water pic is in use. It comes with extra heads so you can each have your own in a family of four.

  • theNappy - Not A Concealer

    The television infomercial claims that bareMinerals can cover up blemishes such as redness or broken capillaries. It does provide medium coverage but concealer is still needed for dark spots. Swishing the brush on the powder in the tiny lid and tapping the brush of excess powder creates quite a mess unless you lean into a sink.

  • Amazon Customer - Great!

    I spent 2 weeks in Europe recently. I am from Florida, U.S. so by the end of the trip the cold and rainy weather got to me and I got very sick. This medicine is amazing! I got home and ordered some right away just to have some on hand. I received this without issues and will for sure order again from this seller.

  • Paidro - Digital Code worked perfectly fine! I would be a good thing to have ...

    Digital Code worked perfectly fine! I would be a good thing to have the prime discount on the digital codes as well.

  • LouAnne B. - any blonde can use it

    I have a bookkeeping business and it is what I use - I tease that if I (a blonde) can use it, any one can - very user friendly - every business should use it.