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Carl Elliott's White Coat, Black Hat: Adventures on the Dark Side of Medicine - Carl Elliott wanted a website. There, we did it. White Coat, Black Hat is a book about doctors and drugs and bad guys. Go buy it if you want it.

  • Bullshit Articles - Carl Elliott - White Coat, Black Hat - More sermonizing from Dr. Pious Dickhead. Newsflash: Carl doesn't like it when other people make money. Evil Medicine! WalkerPercy WalkerPercy! There, we're done - now you've read them all. Here they are anyway.
  • Mediocre Books | White Coat, Black Hat - These are awful. Nobody will tell him how bad they are, because we are all afraid of him. You don't want to see him angry.
  • Interview with Carl Elliott, Author of White Coat, Black Hat - After weeks of dodging phone calls, Carl Elliott, the Favorite Elliott Son, finally condescended to an interview with his nobody brother. We spoke by phone.
  • Mind Game – Letter from New Zealand | White Coat, Black Hat - From the New Yorker, Carl Elliott's article on a New Zealand psychiatrist who was convicted of murdering his wife.

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  • D. Baugher P. - Great for anyone that suffers from heartburn/reflux

    I have mostly reflux and this book has given me ideas of what to used during those times. I have never had surgery but have used rx for years with all of the big names. I believe this man when he says taking out acid over time can cause health problems. Again rx's will treat the symptoms but the patient will never learn the cause.

  • Stephen Mayclin - Not for serious cleaning

    I wanted to give this a try, since I've never found a way of mopping that made it anything less than tedious and messy.

  • Amin - Works and comes with an easy to use dropper

    Minoxidil works, as it's currently the only topical drug used in a randomized clinical trail and has shown benefit . It has some side effects but really it's very easy to use and the main problem of headache which I got went away in a couple of weeks. Nothing too serious. It usually would happen when I would use two doses close to each other or just right after each other, which is not what is advised anyway. I started using when I noticed hair falling at about the age of 27, so I didn't have any balding. And I recommend every man who has some balding in the family, or not, use this. Think of it as brushing your teeth, not some medicine. It keeps the hair much better and fuller. God for both men and women at this 5% concentration. Some studies have shown women to show a better response to the 5% than the 2% so why not use this?

  • kauna13 - A miracle if used properly.

    You absolutely MUST catch the coldsore and use this when you first get that tingling feeling or you will have a harsher outbreak. I'm certain anyone with cold sores recognizes that feeling. I think most poor reviews are people using abreva too long after the initial outbreak/sensation and complain that it didn't work on the sore. If caught early enough this stuff works like a charm. I actually use it in conjunction with Lysine and Carmex Cold SoreTreatment (the Carmex Treatment is actually just an analgesic-not an actual treatment which is a bit shady if you ask me, but it works and keeps the swelling/pain down and provides a lovely masking/camoflauging effect for the sore itself..)

  • BenBB - Invaluable

    Married guys, do yourself a huge favor and stop reading these reviews and/or shopping other similar titles. BUY THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW. This is as close as you're going to get to an operator's manual for your wife. Get it. Remember all those little suspicions you had about your wife over the years, all the subtleties you noticed, every single epiphany you ever had about how sex and marriage really work and SHOULD play out? The author, Athol Kay, lays them all out in humorous, sometimes painfully obvious, terms and gives you every tool and technique you need to get the most out of yourself AND your wife. Don't waste any more time, just read it and you will finally understand.

  • Andy - Great game. Get it!

    Good game so far. Great graphics and lots of fun. Sound's are solid and the unreal engine is flawless as always in delivering a great game.

  • RandyH - Great product but they should bundle it with training!

    I've been working in the CAD industry for 28 years now and needed to learn LT 2012 fast for a customer job. I was happy to find that they have a SofTutor tutorial for LT 2012 on