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Build or Expand Your Pharmaceutical Sales Force | Vanguard Pharma - Vanguard Pharma is a Contract Sales Organization (CSO) offering you the full spectrum of salesforce solutions — including live sales representatives, who contact the medical community in person; tele-sales representatives, who contact the medical community by phone; and live video detail representatives, who contact the medical community via video conferencing.

  • Welcome to the smartest way to build or expand your sales force | Vanguard Pharma - It's a new era in pharmaceutical sales, Your salesforce – How you want it, when you want it and for how long you want it, Your salesforce – How you want it, when you want it and for how long you want it, A coordinated and integrated approach to pharmaceutical sales promotion, Vanguard is not just about
  • Our Culture | Vanguard Pharma - Vanguard Pharma offers a unique corporate culture embracing transparency of information communication, motivation, continual improvement and celebration of success. Both regular corporate communications designed to empower the sales force with knowledge as well as those advocating the appreciation for the fun things in life punctuate Vanguard approach to finding the right work-life balance that makes for an effective, dedicated and happy employee. Testimonials from the sales force showcase the
  • Dedicated Sales Team | Vanguard Pharma - need dedicated sales team - Vanguard will customize a tailor-made solution for you and very effectively fill that need.Here are the hallmarks of our approach we specifically contract sales representatives and managers who have the qualifications and experiences that you are looking for your sales team will be profiled to ensure that they fit the needs of the program and fit with your company culture. a comprehensive support team will be established that underst
  • Syndicated (Shared) Sales Teams | Vanguard Pharma - For the ultimate in flexibility and cost-effectiveness, consider the syndicated or shared call sales team solution from Vanguard Pharma.If you only have the need for a one-product promotion, or perhaps that need might be for a limited time period (seasonal), or perhaps in limited geographical areas, this solution may be exactly what you need.
  • Vacancy Management Services | Vanguard Pharma - There's no question that a vacancy - whether temporary or permanent - exposes a vulnerability to your firm given the highly competitive nature of the bio-pharmaceutical industry.Trying to cover for a vacancy by shuffling existing resources just leaves potential coverage issues elsewhere.With Vanguard's vacancy management service, we can proactively and cost-effectively provide the coverage you need, when and where you need it.
  • Nurse/Clinical Educator Teams | Vanguard Pharma - A fast growing part of our business is the deployment of nurse/clinical educator teams on behalf of our clients.These teams help biopharmaceutical firms enhance physician education and patient understanding about the importance of the medication that they have been prescribed. Specifically, these education teams
  • MSL Teams | Vanguard Pharma - Medical Science Liasons (MSLs) are health care professionals such as physicians, pharmacists, nurses, etc... who serve in an educational role to the medical community and (as the name implies) also liase with the client company. This is a strictly non-promotional role. MSLs are responsible for disseminating scientific knowledge about disease states, clinical studies, and pharmaceutical agents to a designated audience.
  • Tele-Sales Programs | Vanguard Pharma - Tele-sales programs can be an extremely efficient, cost-effective, phone-based alternative or supplement to traditional field-based sales teams.Vanguard has partnered with a leading professional tele-sales call center with extensive experience in operating and managing such programs - Vanguard's account managers will take care of all of the details on your behalf.
  • Live Video Detailing | Vanguard Pharma - This tactic involves a live person-to-person detail conducted via the internet. The key advantage for the health care professional is that this service is available on-demand when the HCP wants to interact - often these interactions surpass 10 minutes in duration which is considerably longer that the duration of a typical sales call.
  • Vanguard Cares | Vanguard Pharma - Vanguard Pharma has been actively involved in philanthropic ventures for more than a decade. The company’s approach to
  • Careers at Vanguard Pharma | Vanguard Pharma - Vanguard Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical contract sales organization (CSO) serving the industry with innovative sales solutions, high-quality sales teams and flexible partnerships that are required in today's unpredictable marketplace. We offer unparalled service to our pharmaceutical company clients and quality support to our employees.The key to our continuing success lies in the talented team of sales professionals, who bring their own unique experience and
  • Request for Information | Vanguard Pharma - Request for InformationIf you would like to receive more information about Vanguard Pharma or any of our services, please complete the fields below.If you are seeking employment opportunities with Vanguard Pharma, please visit our Careers section.

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