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United States Medical Licensing Examination ® - The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) assesses a physician's ability to apply knowledge, concepts, and principles, and to demonstrate fundamental patient-centered skills, that are important in health and disease.

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    I have been an office fan since the beginning. NO MORE! Microsoft has just made a draconian change to its office licensing scheme.

  • Dawn Formoe - DONT DO IT. it was a major disappiintment with high pressure to be a partner after 7 days

    The product delivered minor fading of brown spots. MINOR. Not one wrinkle, crows feet or scar has been changed because of the product.

  • larryrant - An amazing product that holds vast possibilities

    If you are already an Access user, you will find that Access 2010 simplifies many tasks. Unfortunately, it's a little harder to find things because they are not where you are used to having them. ;)

  • Amazon Customer - Surprised with this build

    I really like this system. Had it now for a month and it surprised me on how good it is. Here are a couple names of parts inside my unit. I got a MSI Z170A PC MATE motherboard (doesnt support SLI for those who want to know) with an EVGA Geforce gtx 1080 GPU. Cant see name on psu just the 80+ gold sticker and the SSd is a x400 SanDisk 512gb but only shows up as 476GB. Its running as a negative pressure case with no intake fans. One exhaust fan on top of case and the fan on the liquid cpu cooler out the back of the case. Front of case is clear of objects with a filter screen over two slots where two intake fans could be installed but there isn't any. Might add one intake fan to the front of the case later depending on how cool the unit stays which so far stays cool but havent tried any OC. The PSU and hard drive are at the bottom of the case and I couldn't see the labels on either to get info but sys properties show the HDD as a Toshiba DT01ACA300 3TB.

  • John Q. Public Roadblock - Pink Floyd's The Wall Looks At The Cost Of Success

    When this album was recorded and released, Pink Floyd were on top of the world having achieved all the success they wanted to achieve. But sometimes success has a price tag. The price tag is the "wall" which sometimes separates yourself from the rest of society. American society in particular worships success and material gain at the cost of one's physical and mental health. It also creates a kind of competition and even hostility between you and the rest of the world. That's what Dark Side Of The Moon looked at. The Wall gets more specific and tells the story of the pressures of being a rock n' roll star. Most if not all rock musicians strive for fortune and fame and hanging out with all the groupies. But sometimes that lifestyle leaves you with all your personal demons and those demons can drive you insane. Those demons may be your own responsibility or those created by family or business issues. The album begins with "In The Flesh?" and the character portrayed is a famous rock n' roll musician getting ready to go on stage. But he is suddenly confronted by all his demons such as his father getting sent off to a foreign land to go to war. This segues into "The Thin Ice". His wife comforts his newborn son telling the baby that his grandfather will be OK. The first brick in the wall is the separation he feels as his father is being sent off to war. The next brick is that of abuse at school by both classmates and teacher when he was a young boy. This type of treatment leads him ultimately to rebel against the educational system. He asks in "Mother" if he should cut himself off from all the people supposedly responsible for his tribulations. "Mother, should I build the wall?" In other words, he is asking if he should ever associate with these people again. In "Goodbye Blue Sky" the horrifying pictures of his father fighting and getting killed in the war are brought to his attention again. He then looks for something to fill in the "Empty Spaces". He tries having sex with all the groupies in "Young Lust" in order to numb his pain. He avoids all communication with the groupie back at the hotel by watching war movies on television in "One Of My Turns". Finally all the violence he sees on the television brings back to memory the death of his own father and he goes insane and starts tearing up the room. He is so beside himself that he hurls the television out of his hotel room window onto the street below. He feels remorseful of his behavior and pleads with his mate, "Don't Leave Me Now". Finally everything that drove him to his current state of mind comes back to haunt him. This is the third brick. He is so angry and upset that he avoids all physical contact with people in "Goodbye Cruel World". This closes the first half. The second half opens with him working hard to overcome his demons in "Hey You". He asks "Is There Anybody Out There?" who can help him. He returns to watching television and tries calling his wife on the phone in "Nobody Home". No one responds. He asks if there is anybody out there who can feel the pain he is feeling. He remembers somebody named Vera Lynn. He cries out against the apparent injustice of war and demands to "bring the boys back home". He then turns to drugs in "Comfortably Numb". He is given an anesthetic by the doctor to calm him down. He arrives at the show and is ready to perform no matter how severe his hardships. At the show, he weeds out the people he dislikes the most from the audience. He becomes kind of a dictator to his audience. The people who are in his favor give him a "Hail Hitler" kind of salute. After the show, he takes to the streets to weed out the "weaklings, the queens, the coons, the reds, and the Jews" of the city. These people to him are nothing but worms in his sight and must be wiped off the face of the earth. Finally, he is tried in a court of law for all the atrocities he has committed. He tells the judge that insanity was the reason for his crimes. He is then sentenced to be "exposed before his peers". The crowd in the courtroom then chants to "tear down the wall" meaning they are glad he is getting his just deserts. The wall is finally torn down and the city tries to rebuild itself. This album applies not only to rock stars but also to anybody at the top of their profession who feels constant pressure to succeed and wants to lash out at the world in the midst of this stiff competition. Such people may turn to drugs, sex, or crime for their escape. Such themes is what makes The Wall such a powerful masterpiece.

  • Judy K Bellevue - Good to go

    Exactly as advertised. Light enough to handle easily, while getting the job done. A good value for the different tasks it will execute.

  • Pamela Spangler - Excellent product

    I have bought this product two times. It's much more affordable and the same product that I bought from the dentist office. I will always reorder from Amazon. A definite must have for teeth whitening.