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  • Uquifa World - UQUIFA is a manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and intermediates for the pharmaceutical and animal health industries globally
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  • Sharon Huston - Good start, sad finish.

    The free sample motivated me to buy the book, but when the story ended I felt like I had wasted my money. The premise -- a linguist on a shuttle, prepared to work with alien languages -- was intriguing. Sadly, the alien was telepathic, so language never really played a role in the book. The tension of the opening chapters slowly dwindled into a sad little mess. It thudded from predictable plot point to predictable plot point, and midway through the book I wondered why I was still reading. It turned into a "car wreck" book, where I couldn't turn away from the disaster until the last page freed me. As others have noted, there were several factual errors, and problems with language, which is painful given the protagonist's profession. The main character's Mary Sue index climbed with every page. I do think Ms. Wells has good books in her, but she needs to work on her plots. Give us some surprises! And maybe consider a different subgenre. Convincing science fiction requires more research and more scientific expertise. Ms. Wells might be more bearable in paranormal romance, where the rules are bendy to begin with.

  • Rodrigo Jose Gularte M. - The rubber cuff straps can break very easily. Essentially the jacket looks good and works

    The jacket is ok for going about the city and short ride. The jacket has no adjustment straps so it's not possible to adjust the sleeves to fit snugly, waist or chest, something crucial for the protection to stay in place. The rubber cuff straps can break very easily.

  • hakuryu12 - Nice on outside, but not quite the inside.

    These shoes are alright, but not the slam dunk I was expecting. The outside is nice and the sewn in tongue is actually not as big of a deal as I thought it would be. The material is very breathable and doesn't look like blatant mesh so you can get away with wearing these without looking like you're out for a power walk.

  • Soyini - Not for Dark Skin

    I was terribly disappointed. I bought this after seeing it on QVC. The "dark" and "deep" colors look great in the jar, but look white and shiny on the skin.

  • momof1gr8girl - Don't waste your money.

    This doesn't work very well. It is much easier to smooth rough feet after they've been soaked but this states that it must be used on totally dry feet. I really take care of my feet and yet this still did almost nothing on my calluses. Save about 1/3 and buy the Ped Egg from Amazon. It works much better, especially if used right after a shower or bath. It doesn't require batteries and also will not potentially cut you like a rasper would.