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  • Clay Welsh - H&R Tax Software

    This software for doing your Income Tax works great. I downloaded it directly from Amazon and I had my Federal Income Tax completed in minimum time. It works great.

  • Maria PenaAmazon Customer - I honestly have to say it is very good and it works

    I have purchased this item at a discounted price in return for a review, I honestly have to say it is very good and it works, because I have seen an improvement in eyelash growth, I loose my eyelashes because of using waterproof mascara, but since using this, i have noted new growth and am pleased with the results. I will definitely buy this again. Thank You for the opportunity.

  • carilynp - I have not yet given up my love for memoirs or beautifully messaged books but oh my ...

    What is it with me and thrillers. I have not yet given up my love for memoirs or beautifully messaged books but oh my goodness and creepy edge of my bookworming bed at night, Sheri Lapena’s THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR is a must read, booklovers. This book had me wondering the entire time. I mean these people. It all began with two couples, who live next door to each other, enjoying, well sort of, a dinner party. The one couple with a newborn baby decides to leave her at home as their sitter has cancelled. You got that right, leave her at home and check on her every half hour plus keep the baby monitor close at hand in case she makes a peep. Next thing you know, couple number one goes home for the night and guess what? Their baby has been kidnapped. You can imagine what unfolds. Intense worry, police, dogs, in-laws who are quite fearful and let’s not forget those neighbors.

  • Kizzie Pinky - Yes and No

    I use to take these pills.. PRO: Yes it you see results after a while (it took me three weeks to see results) CON: if you STOP .. you lose it! Waste of money right? Then I started working out real hard, squats, lunges, hip extensions and etc. and guess what I get the same results as the brand new booty pills when i was just sitting on my butt doing nothing, except my results stay and that extra weight around the stomach area people are talking about is water weight .. get up off your butt and exercise and stay dedicated! Grow those muscles!

  • Mary cole - Great Title

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book it kept you wandering what was going to happen next. It is about a man who is a lawyer, but a dishonest one. He has a grudge against this other lawyer. He plants evidence, has people to give false information, and has a man kill another man all in his attempt to distort this man.