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  • D. Pennington - Not so good

    I downloaded this app on our Amazon Fire TV and my kids do not seem to like it (2,3 years old) The app contains commercials, so they become disinterested very quickly. I am going to try it one more time, if they do not like it I will delete, and look for another app that they may enjoy more.

  • Homegamer - PG-13

    Wouldn't recommend for kids under 10. Some of the records are suggestive or bazaar (what you would expect in a Ripley's). Also, the graphics and call outs and overlays are a little too random and comic-book like.

  • Amazon Customer - Quickbooks

    Since we have used Quickbooks for our Company bookkeeping needs, we needed to upgrade our Quickbooks from the 2003 version to the latest 2013 version. I liked how reasonable the price for this 3 user software versus the single user software (which gives me an extra user so I can work from home). I haven't been able to download and convert my older version to this version yet but I have heard from my accountant that it is more user friendly than the previous version I and using now.

  • Alex K - Amazing price/quality. And a fresher model than most screens for sale with similar specs. Glad I bought it.

    The brightness, colors, and quality are fantastic. I love the minimalist shape and form of it. I also love the Amazon price as this monitor appears to go for way more on other websites or places like eBay. I even ordered one for my mother who runs a home business and does a lot of work on her computer. I'm not a monitor expert however there was one reason I chose this monitor. Most other monitors I was looking at on Amazon have existed for a couple of years already and this one was one of the freshest models. Since usually things get better with time due to innovation I figured this would be my best choice. I'm not a fan of lots of extremely dumb design decisions by HP in the past since I repair their computers on and off for a living. But I'm very pleased with this monitor. I use it with my Lenovo X230 thinkpad as an extention to my laptop.

  • stingerdoc - Good Internet Security

    I have been using Kaspersky for the last few years now, while nothing is perfect this security system works great.

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic product. Finally!

    Best hair product ever. I was able to throw out all of my curling irons and straightening tools and now only need this. I will post Pro and Con list, since that's easier to run through for anyone deciding to spend this kind of money.