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Tristán Radiology Specialists - Radiologists, Teleradiologists, X-Ray, MRI, CT, PET, Harrisburg, PA - Tristan Radiology Specialists is a group of highly trained board certified radiologists providing state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services to the greater Harrisburg area.

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  • Bookfan - Great Insight into large waves & small whitecaps of our political landscape.

    Dan Balz has provided a valuable set of stories, phenomena, and character portraits that define American politics. This goes beyond the 2012 election which Dan uses to bring all into perspective. Even his description of small events, slip ups and short lived emerging leads add to the larger terrain. We should be greatfull that we still have reporters doing the hard work of providing a panorama through the lenses of both the powerful insiders and the outsiders who make up an ever changing public.

  • Michelle27 - Natrol's version of Biotin was the remedy for my weak nails.

    I started taking Biotin (different manufacturer) on the advice of a pharmacist/friend who said it would help strengthen my woefully weak, aging fingernails. It was an unsuccessful experiment. Fortunately, rather than give up, I decided to try a different company and, based on Amazon reviews, tried this version. I thought it would take weeks to see a difference if it was going to work at all because of the way nails are formed, but I was astonished to discover my nails were much stronger within a week. I still can't believe it, although now my biggest problem is every time I turn around I have to file my nails because they are too long, a much better "problem"! Additionally, this product seems to have helped my daughter, who has thinning hair. She said she has noticed growth of new hairs, which is terrific. All in all, I'm extremely happy with the Natrol version of Biotin, 10,000 mcg, and I even told my dermatologist about my discovery so he could recommend it to his patients.

  • tahwos - Content:Indespensible - Publishing Quality:Phonebook

    Finally got a chance to open it - I tend to Google everything, before opening a book. And I have to say, I have had quite a few, "Well, I didn't see that online", moments. Very well organized material.

  • esperantohundo - compact

    A good dictionary for its size. What is especially nice is that it often points out whether a verb is considered transitive or intransitive.

  • mom to 4 - Excellent seat with the best safety features in the industry

    Excellent seat with the best safety features in the industry. I could tell when I opened the box, this seat was worth the money. It is made of substantial materials and is very heavy. I see this as an added plus for safety, but If you have to frequently move car seats, this may be a problem. My one year old loves his seat because it is comfortable and doesn't obstruct his side vision when riding in the car. I also purchased a seat for my 4 year old. It is comfortable for her and she enjoys the extra height the seat provides. The seat is easy to clean. However, I would prefer to be able to wash the cover. I purchased the Clek cleaning product and this does a pretty good job of cleaning the seat. The bottom part of the seat will remove and this is nice for cleaning all of the "stuff" that can fall between the seat and cushion.

  • GardenMedic - Reduce your redness

    The Uptown Retinol Cream is a great first time product to use for anti aging. Many products I have used dry my face out or leave me feeling so incredibly greasy. With the Uptown Retinol cream it leaves my face feeling refreshed. I used this product for about a month and prior, I had challenges with redness and red splotches all over my face and the Uptown Retinol Cream has mostly eliminated that! I also can tell my pores have shrunk some and I feel like my forehead wrinkles may be lessened a bit - need to continue using for full effect. Overall, this product is a great product with natural ingredients.

  • Phil O. - Patiently, clearly explained, in nice small segments

    A person working on Excel for the very first time might try something like Professor Teaches Excel 2010, which walks through at an extremely basic "type in this, now push enter button," etc. level for the very simplest starter uses of it. In any event, let me wholeheartedly recommend this set. The instructor is obviously deeply knowledgeable and has carefully thought through which details to explain. He goes beyond simple "do this" instruction to help us understand why a certain feature is that way, the benefits and uses of it. Also he advises of pitfalls and gives practical tips, for example, your co-worker with another version of Excel may see this, so you can do this or that, etc. This makes us effective in real everyday collaborating environments. I love the short segments that allow me to make progress every day, at my own rate, with a clear sense of what matters I have covered. This format helps me engage more and progress more steadily than a typical printed manual does.