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Professional Marketing for Medical Practices | Top Practices - Top Practices is the business partner that top professionals turn to for guidance to achieve better results in marketing their businesses or private practices.

  • Marketing Mastermind Group | Top Practices - The medical field is changing rapidly, but you can make the changes you need to adapt and succeed. Rem Jackson from Top Practices discusses how you can grow.
  • Internet Marketing Services for Medical Practices | Top Practices - You’re too busy to market effectively online, but it’s necessary. Virtual Marketing Director Services can do it for you so your practice succeeds.
  • Virtual Practice Management Institute | Top Practices - Management can make or break a practice’s success. Rem Jackson, Dr. Peter Wishnie, & Tina DelBuono teamed up to teach you the skills to run a great and growing office.
  • Top Practices Annual Marketing and Management Summit | Top Practices - Every year Rem Jackson hosts the biggest marketing and management conference for private practices. Here’s what you can expect when you attend!
  • Products and Services | Top Practices - Top Practices offers many programs, products, and resources to our Mastermind members to help them achieve effective marketing.
  • Increase Patient Retention | Managing Your Marketing Database | Top Practices - You already have a list of people who like and trust you. Marketing Database Management Services helps you connect with them regularly and effectively.
  • Medical Patient Newsletter Program | Top Practices - Newsletters are not dead—in fact, they are an incredible marketing tool. Rem Jackson discusses their value and the Top Practices newsletter program.
  • Books and Campaigns | Top Practices - Free book offers and follow-up campaigns are excellent tools for bringing in patients. Rem Jackson explains how this slow-drip tool works.
  • Top Practices Copywriting Workshop Course | Top Practices - The ability to write marketing copy that actually works is essential for every practice. Learn the tips you need to know to write content that produces results.
  • The Mindset of Successful Professionals | Top Practices - No matter your profession, you need to establish and maintain the mindset of fellow professionals who are successful in your field, says Rem Jackson.
  • About Top Practices | Medical Marketing Consultants | Top Practices - Top Practices is the premier podiatry and medical marketing company. Learn more about the company and the services we offer to members!
  • Rem Jackson | Top Practices - Rem Jackson is the Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC, a company dedicated to helping professionals reach their full potential.
  • Why Choose Top Practices | Top Practices - Rem Jackson discusses why Top Practices is right for you and and explains how it helps your medical practice by enlisting the help of marketing experts.
  • Practice Marketing and Management Library | Top Practices - This resource is provided to the members of the Top Practices Mastermind Group.
  • Top Practices Monthly Newsletter | Top Practices - Read the Top Practices monthly newsletter to get the most up to date information about successfully marketing a medical practice.
  • Top Practices Blog | Top Practices - The Top Practices blog is YOUR resource for obtaining the best, most up-to-date medical marketing tips and strategies. Stop by every week to see what's new!
  • Frequently Asked Questions | Top Practices - Below are some initial questions many clients have when they first contact Top Practices
  • Video Library | Top Practices - View Top Practices' helpful library of videos to get the latest tips, tricks, and trends regarding growing a successful medical practice.
  • The Top Practice's Must Read List | Top Practices - Know what books to read that will help you grow your business and help you develop the right mindset.
  • What our Clients Say... | Top Practices - Discover what our wonderful clients had to say about their experience working alongside us with their practice marketing solutions and find their successes.
  • Contact Us! | Top Practices - Contact Top Practices to learn more about how our products and tools can help transform your medical practice into one that is thriving and successful.

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  • TaHa - Good and easy product

    This program is fairly easy to use. I like the idea that you can place your recipes in your own cookbook. I would like to load my own recipe card and use as a pattern, I am sure I can do this but have not used it long enough to try. Also, I wish the company would of sent a hard copy manual, easier to find things.

  • Robicla - Follow Directions and Do Research First

    Some of you people are a trip. If you're knocking this product because it made you use the restroom, feel tired, nauseous, or have other detox symptoms then you shouldn't have purchased it in the first place.