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  • Brian - Pool vacum

    This item was good for the price, it vacumed as it said it would, however, it's not a "shop vac" by any means

  • Catherinee - Don't waste your time

    I have read a lot of vampire stories. I was looking for something new, with a little edge when I came across this one. The reviews were great so I got it. Ugh! Just what we need, another vampire with absolutely no balls! He is sensitive and disgusted by the creature that he is. He is instantly drawn to the protagonist and cannot harm her. My personal favorite is that despite the fact that he has been sleeping for 400 years he still says things like "I can't believe I just spilled my guts to you". I know its fiction, but can't you work a little harder? The protagonist is an annoying little girl who, when is about to be bit by a vampire, is more concerned with her back getting bruised by the wall she just got thrown into. They should have just killed her immediately. I made it half way through this book before I decided life was too short.

  • Chryssie - Hair Growth!!!

    This stuff really really works. I use it and you see results really fast. You can also mix it with profective for hair growth and that dual is the

  • Cipher - You will be dissapointed

    Had very high hopes for this game, waited a long time for it to come out. It was enjoyable for a while, addicting even. It was never the awesome product Diablo I and II were, but I thought it still had some fun value to it. Then..... Blizzard released patch 1.03 and just nuked all the fun entirely from the game. Everyones damage got the nerf bat, drops rates of gold and items decreased, and repair costs skyrocketed. The consensus amongst all I've talked to is that Blizzard is forcing whatever gamers they have left into using their real money auction house to progress further. Not me, I'm done. Very unsatisfied with this game.