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ThyroidChange - ThyroidChange - ThyroidChange is a non-profit organization, 501(c)(3) that is dedicated to improving the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease through a physician-patient cooperative approach. Join our network and help us bring change in thyroid health care.

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  • jeri - I take this whenever I feel under the weather and ...

    I take this whenever I feel under the weather and it helps a lot. Either I don't fall sick at all after, or it helps me to recover quickly.. with the right care, rest and diet.

  • Travel Girl - Gentle cleanser

    I have typical combination skin. For years I used a foamy face wash, like Origins "Checks & Balances." I never felt clean unless lots of suds were involved. However, I still suffered from monthly break outs. Enough that I purchased some expensive acne creams.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Buy!

    My nephews love this puzzle. They put it together over and over as they watch the show. The pieces are really big, which they love because they didn't need help.

  • Consumer Joe - This Will Kill Your Phone Battery - There are Safer Alternatives

    This charger NEVER STOPS CHARGING and therefore risks the lifespan of your non-replaceable phone battery or worse, could exacerbate an already dangerous situation with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone batteries. The phone gets very hot during the fast charge cycle but then it never cools off, even hours after reaching 100%. I used this primarily on my nightstand and no matter what time of night I pick up my phone it's very warm to the touch. Check the reviews and you will see several comment on this warm to the touch phenomenon.