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Valley Parkinson Clinic - Neurological Medical Clinic - Los Gatos, California - Valley Parkinson Clinic is a neurological medical clinic located in Los Gatos, California. They provide evaluation and treatments to Parkinson's disease, neurological and movement disorders. Some of these are tremor, lewy body dementia, multiple system atrophy, dystonia and hemifacial spasm.

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • NHRN - Many errors prevent text from being good as it could be

    I rate this text 3 because if the errors in this book were corrected, it would be a very good book. I'm a Registered Nurse, taking an online Medical Coding course that uses this book and it's associated online course. Although this textbook has many good aspects (good illustrations, good practice problems, and others), there are also some troublesome problems. The main problem is that there are numerous errors in both the text and the online course, including wrong medical definitions, descriptions, and explanations; wrong answers in the answer key to practice problems; inconsistencies; many others. This may not be as big a problem if the student has a teacher to clarify. But if you are taking an online course, you are reading the entire text and course and you are relying heavily on the text for your understanding of the material. Since I can't be sure if my answer is wrong or the book is wrong, I have spent precious time tracking down correct answers and information, which eats up the time I have for learning this material. I noticed there are two RN's on the Editorial Review Board for this text, and frankly I am shocked that RN's endorsed these printed errors. I am using the 2005 edition, which appears to be a 6th edition, so I'm wondering why the publisher hasn't done a more responsible job of editing by now. If you aren't a nurse or doctor, the errors in this text will misinform you, confuse you, and/or steer you in the wrong direction in medical coding.

  • bombsfadeaway - Great game!

    I chose this game over the new Fitness Evolved solely because this is for the Kinect. I've played other Wii fitness games, only to be annoyed or frustrated by having to hold the Wiimote the entire time (and sometimes have it not register things correctly). The Kinect does a good job overall in tracking my movements and giving me the appropriate points. There are a few exercises it struggles with seeing properly, but I'm not entirely certain it's not due to my play space being a bit smaller than usual. Our couch is very heavy, so I can't move it each time I want to play, and a lot of the time end up backed up against it. But overall the game is a good tool for fitness- I burn around 1,000 calories per 90 minute workout, and enjoy the combination of high intensity cardio, weight training and yoga/tai chi.

  • Midwest academic - Almost perfect

    My old Timbuk2 bag (a Blogger 2.0 vertical messenger) was finally getting showing its age after 10 years of daily abusive use. I really wanted something similar, but Timbuk2 doesn't make vertical messengers anymore, apparently, so I had to choose between their extensive lineup of backpacks and messengers. I obsessed over this decision for many weeks, reading every review I could find and comparing all of the different pros and cons. I also bought several bags to try them out in real life.

  • Mr. Impossible - Five Stars, with Caveats

    Five Stars, With Caveats. This is a ongoing series, done every year. Every year a guest editor selects his or her selection of stories from what was out there in the world, either published online or in an actual book or magazine. Fair enough. The selection from year to year varies with the editors. Most years there is somewhat of an emphasis on selections from the New Yorker, a prestigious magazine to be sure. Somtimes you find stories only published online. This seems more adventuresome to me. Overall the quality is very high and intriguing. It does seem to me, though, that authors and editors throughout the land and around the world (and for this yearly publication) tend to favor one style of writing and one very similar voice, that varies from modern to postmodern. Where are the authors of the next wave of writing? Many of the stories are good. Too many seem contrived from the head, though well done. What is lacking are stories from the heart. I want something to move me, and not simply delight me with well-wrought phrases and overall good craftshmanship. To be a real author, one must impale oneself upon the world, and sing one's final moments on this Earth, recounting the victories and defeats, weaving them seamlessly into a vision of Eternity.

  • Ric Donato - Well worth the price.

    Very impressed with this laptop. It has replaced my MacBook Pro 15". Thought a 13" laptop screen would be too restrictive, however I am quite surprised this has been a very good fit. It is amazing how quick it boots and how fast it runs.

  • Stacy P - Take at your own risk

    I've been waiting a while to post a review on this so I could provide the most honest experience I can. I've found that the effects greatly vary based on whether I'm taking it with food or on an empty stomach. Overall, here are my pros and cons:

  • Jessica - Works great, saw immediate reults

    Noticeable difference after just 1 use, my hair was much softer and had less frizz. I have fine hair, and this does weigh it down a little after each use, but I only use it as a deep treatment once a week on for me it's not a problem to have flat hair for 1 day, considering the really good conditioning results I get. Plus, the scent lingers in your hair all day!