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The Medical News Report - Welcome to the monthly medical news report. I am honored to report on the latest medical information from some of the best medical journals around the world. This report will provide you with cutting edge technology, new information about diseases and research that will bring new ways in the future to treat or prevent serious illness.

  • Medical Reports - Some of the subjects that will be covered are healthcare reform, cancer, vascular disease, immunologic diseases, neurologic and aging problems, gastro-intestinal diseases, infections, health supplements, herbals, vitamins, prescription medications and many others.
  • Subject Index - Welcome to the Index of Subjects from A to Z for the Medical News Reports The index will be updated every three months Click on the numbers after the subject to link to the report(s) about the subject **Special Reports are at the end of the index**
  • Medical References - The references listed below will direct you to the website for each entry by clicking on the reference name.

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  • Joel S. Perry - holy tub-o-Balmex!

    This thing is huge! we went through a tube (like tooth paste) in less than 1.5 months, this tub is lasting forever, and we have barely made a dent in it! it is a lot thicker than the tube, and does not liquefy as it heats up against our baby's skin like the tube did. This is a no brainer choice, when comparing the cost of this vs. a tube and the quality of the contents.


    Over the years I tried all the others; they either failed to protect my computer or made my life miserable trying to cope with the problems they created. With Webroot I have no headaches, and its quick and simple to use. The scan takes a minute or so, not hours.

  • Amazon Customer - Great for lash health!

    I have been using this oil for my eyelashes each night. My lashes feel and look healthier and it seems they are getting longer. My mascara goes on better in the mornings and make my lashes way more thicker and longer than they were when I wasn't using the oil. I love that the oil came with two eyelash applicators (the kind accompanied with mascara). I hope to see more results as I continue using this product. I received this item for free for reviewing purposes, but all views are my own.

  • bereac - Book to be avoided

    Avoid this edition of this book. It is a wonderful story, but it has been edited (censored?) and numerous details have been omitted. In addition Dobson's preface contains errors. The party that came within 97 miles of the South Pole was part of the 1907-1909 expedition. Scott and his companions died on his 1910-1912 expedition. Not on the 1914 expedition as stated in this book. Get the unedited version.

  • Matt - The software as well or better than the competition

    The software performs as well or better than the competition. I like that this software will protect multiple devices. I have used this software for 3 years now.