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The Medical Center: Franklin, KY Hospital & Doctor Services - The Medical Center at Franklin, KY is a not-for-profit hospital providing healthcare, health info & doctor services to Southern Kentucky & Northern Tennessee.

  • The Medical Center: Franklin, KY Hospital & Emergency Services - The Medical Center at Franklin, KY provides outpatient & inpatient services & 24-hour emergency room. Healthcare services for Simpson County & Portland, TN.
  • The Medical Center: Franklin, KY Health & Wellness Programs - The Medical Center at Franklin, KY features health and wellness programs for Simpson County. We help individuals take charge of their health & well being.

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  • copperzinc - Efficient and Quiet Twin-Fan solution

    I first used the stock cooler that came with 4790. Even with blend test, the temperature goes to 100 dC. This is when the CPU would throttle.

  • Brittany - Good book for strategies- they help you narrow down to ...

    Good book for strategies- they help you narrow down to two answers generally. I read through all the strategies but didn't go through the last half of the book. I did the online test only. I didn't do the Kaplan review like most of my class, so I also used lipincott q&a and lacharity. The book said I'd get 40 q bank question access but it was only 27. Decent book for the price but need to use with another book for more questions. Passed in 75q

  • C.T. - Must have!!

    This is without a doubt the best condensed information book for Level 1 COMLEX. At my school we were provided with Kaplan's MedEssentials, and undoubtedly I liked this book better. But this book is full color, glossy type textbook pages. I had it unbound for about $5. I used it to compile a review of all of my other notes and lectures to keep everything in once place.

  • coconutbunny - I Would Not Recommend It to Friends

    I was expecting better writings. Especially, after Elizabeth Gilbert saying how an interesting story can be told in a boring way and a not so exciting story can be told magically. I really had to agree with her so I was looking forward to this collection. But it was a disappointment. Literature is so subjective. It might bring more joy to others but it is not a book I would recommend.

  • Aaron G. Mayfield - More hair loss and yellow itchy flaking.

    I began using this product on both sides of my slightly receding hair line. Within about a week or so I began noticing a thick yellow scaly patches where I massaged the product in. I stopped using it shortly after this. Even weeks later I'm still getting break outs in the area I applied this and now I'm actually seeing hair fall out. Needless to say I'm not only disappointed but quite frankly I'm pissed off. Hopefully my hair will eventually grow back in these spots.

  • joseph r. wolf - kaspersky anti virus

    this product is always in the top three antivirus programs. the 2013 features a new tweak called Safe Money which opens up a new browser window with added security. it has a virtual keyboard that you can input information safely

  • Terry Weiss - A scam - avoid this product!

    This turned out to be s scam. We installed it, as directed and a few weeks later the icon disappeared from the desktop. An email came shortly after telling us we would have to pay a fee every month in order to use this product. Since we paid $123 for it, that was clearly wrong. We searched the computer but couldn't find the program ourselves. My husband phoned the number given on the material enclosed with the program card (we had the card sent, not a download) that was supposed to help us re-install the program. He got a man, obviously in India, who went into the computer and told him that someone in South Carolina had gotten the number of the software, and had made 253 attempts to hack into our computer. We needed to pay $199 a month, or a one time $400, for Mcafie virus protection or it would be unsafe to reinstall. He also said that the "anti-virus software" that was came with the computer was version 8, and wouldn't work with Microsoft 10. At this point I took the phone and asked him if he meant that, unless we paid $199 he wouldn't reinstall the software. He asked to speak to my husband. I asked him again. He didn't answer. I asked him a third time, and he hung up.