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  • c katen - Get your cycle back on track!

    Used this for a while to try and balance things. It worked great! Great product to try if you want to get female stuff back on track. Yay!

  • ray thomas - out of work porn actors

    Spent their production budget on the poster artwork. Who backed this financially and how can I meet them... I mean I_ they just want to throw money away, throw it my way. Some movies are so bad they're funny... this is not one of them.

  • Mr. Fix-it - lt seems to work great

    I started using this in the past year in my older cars and noticed a smoother, quieter engine with less oil consumption. Also, when I change the oil, it is noticeably slicker and stickier. I use the synthetic type in the winter for better flow.

  • P. J. WERNER - Sole F63

    Machine works really well. The tread part does seem to take awhile to get up to speed; especially if you are on the heavy side. It does get there in about 10 seconds. The machine is capable of handling someone of large size. Just note that the machine is very heavy and they do not deliver it inside if you have steps. You will need at least 2 people; 3 is better to carry it in. It is about 350 pounds and the front end carries most of the weight. Although it isn't too difficult to put together, it is helpful to have 2 people to put it together. Recommend getting the matt for underneath.

  • Rick Kelly - As good as Truefitt & Hill

    For a great shave and smooth skin, The Art of Shaving offers a superior product. This shaving cream is as good as Truefitt & Hill, which is the only other shaving cream I have used, and is supposed to be the cream of the crop(pun intended.) If you look at the ingredients (formula) both companies use, they are basically the same, and listed in the same order. Of course, as with any of these shaving creams, to get the best shave possible you should use a quality brush. I use a premium grade badger brush. I initially used a silver tip badger brush that a friend lent me before I purchased mine, and found no noticeable difference. Regardless of whether or not you use a brush, I believe you will be very satisfied using this product.