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  • Joiedevivre - Worked for about 5 minutes- No one year warranty honored

    These tablets seemed like a good deal & rated well on "". With normal use both tablets screens cracked & will not work. I replaced one, that hasn't been charged in awhile and now will not work at all, so now I have 2 useless tablets and brokenhearted kids that got this for Christmas. I tried to contact about the 1 year warranty, but the seller wanted me to pay $60 for repair (that is not a warranty). Upon further communication, the company will not return emails or correspondence. I basically threw my money in the trash.

  • Michael W. - some of the best sales staff I have ever worked with

    Literally, some of the best sales staff I have ever worked with. The crazy part, is that I have never even met these people in person. I feel like i'm a part of their family and that they honestly care about their customers and their products meeting the standards of their customers. I have been using my vzone bed for a little over a month now and my wife and I love it. We had a tempurpedic before this and I can't explain enough how much better i felt about the purchase of my flobed. Considering their goldilocks gaurentee, I can always change the bed to meet the needs of our bodies. I feel great about the fact that if there ever comes a time when this bed doesn't meet our specific needs, I can modify it to whatever specs I want (i.e. firmness). If my wife needs a change because she is aching from pregnancy, there are ways you can help with that with this bed. It's truley an amazing company and i'm glad I did the research and took a hard look at the mattress industry to come to the conclusion to go with FloBeds. I couldn't be happier.

  • billybobwood - great trainer

    it is a very good training video very comprehensive and easy to follow and understand I also like that the cd is broken down into sections so if I half to go back to get a refresher on something it's right there.