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Food + Fitness | Drink. Cook. Explore. Eat. Repeat - The Babbling Brooke is a blog that delves into current events, focuses on being alive, surviving your love life, and touches on the many obstacles one can and will encounter.

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  • Who I am | The Babbling Brooke - I am an interesting person. Who I am affects every article that I write, and every person I connect with. Who Are You?
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  • I Am Unlimited, and So Are You | Food + Fitness - We are only limited by what we place upon ourselves. Lets stop living in the past&stop judging ourselves based on mistakes and live every day in the moment.
  • Vegan Quinoa Bowl | Food + Fitness - This vegan quinoa bowl is filling, good for you, and completely full of flavor! Give this recipe a shot and you'll never go back.
  • My Road to Recovery | Food + Fitness - Recovery doesn't have to be done alone. We are all in this together. Depression and anxiety affect hundreds of people. Let's conquer this together.
  • Sweet Potatoes + Leafy Greens to Fight Depression | Food + Fitness - This is a simple sauté of sweet potato,, leafy greens, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic and turmeric that helps fight depression and evens out your mood.
  • My Debut at the 626 Night Market | Food + Fitness - The Babbling Brooke's Debut at the 626 Night Market at the Santa Anita Racetrack in Arcadia with Themballs by J&D Catering!
  • Spicy Chicken Salad | Food + Fitness - This is a delicious chicken salad that you can use to stuff a sandwich, a wrap, or even a grilled avocado! Super simple with a bit of a kick!
  • Grilled Chicken Salad with Quinoa | The Babbling Brooke - I love salad. Sometimes salads are pretty boring though. This grilled chicken salad is delicious, fresh, and simple...and definitely not boring!
  • Sweet Potato Tots | The Babbling Brooke Cooks - Sweet Potato Tots are simple to make, tasty, and a lighter alternative to regular tater tots! You can make them in the oven or fry them lightly on the stove!
  • Butternut Squash French Fries | The Babbling Brooke - These butternut squash french fries are the perfect side dish to your lettuce wrapped burger! They're tasty, healthy, and simple to make! 

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  • Mark S. Wilson - Intuit strikes again

    Recently upgraded from QuickBooks Pro 2007. Had no reason or desire to upgrade, Intuit dropped payroll support for 2007 forcing users to upgrade. Software works OK, have had no serious issues with it. My biggest complaints are one it was unnecessary, second every time they force an upgrade they relocate and change the appearance, change settings so that one must basically relearn the system and third the pop-ups trying to constantly suck money out of you are not only annoying but also a tremendous waste of valuable time.

  • Lori - Saved my cats life!

    My cat is 18 years old and neurotic. He's been on Prozac and other medications for being moody. He howls, whines, shreds paper, and pees on towels and clothes of the floor, as well as mats in the bathroom.