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Tens Pain Relief - Tens Machines, Tens Muscle Stimulator's & Tens Unit Reviews - Tens Pain Relief: Find the best tens machines and tens units for chronic back, muscle and pregnancy pain relief. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

  • Alternative Pain Relief - What Are the Alternative Options to Pain Relief? Each of us has experienced some pains in the back, legs, abdomen or limbs at least once in his or her
  • Dundex Dual Channel TENS Machine - The Dundex Dual Channel TENS Machine is lightweight and portable. Strong electrical impulses from the electrodes work well to massage and tone the muscles or to
  • Interferential Therapy - An Interferential Unit is not a commonly heard term, so what is an Interferential Unit? This is used in Interferential Therapy, which a type of Physical Therapy
  • Knee Pain Relief - The most common causes for knee pain and how to deal with them Painful sensations located in the knee area are a delicate situation that should be
  • LG-3000 Basic Tens Machine Review - The LG-3000 basic tens units is LGMedSupply’s most basic unit. Whilst it does not offer all of the features that the more expensive units do, its ideal for a
  • LG-8TM Tens Unit & Electronic Muscle Stimulator Review - LGMedSupply’s LG-8TM is one of the most popular tens units available. This version combines a tens unit and a electronic muscle stimulator in one unit so it’s
  • LGMedSupply LG-Quad Combo Tens Unit Review - The LG-Quad combo is LGMedSupply’s newest addition. The LG-Quad combo offers a four unit combo, which includes a Tens Unit, Muscle Stimulator, Interferential
  • LGMedSupply LG-TEC Elite Tens Unit Review - The LG-TEC Elite TENS/Muscle Stimulator Combo Unit is the most popular version of TENS equipment from LGMedSupply.This combo unit has been a top-seller in this
  • LG-7000 Digital Tens Unit Review - The TENS 7000 unit is a non-invasive system developed to control pain without the benefit of drugs. A dual channel design allows an individual to use either 2
  • Microcurrent Therapy - Microcurrent Therapy is a unique treatment that uses very low-level of microcurrents for relieving pain, curing soft tissues, healing inflammation and
  • PTS Dual Combo Tens Unit Review - The new PTS dual combo Premium Digital 8 Electrode TENS/Muscle Stimulator Unit only weighs 425 grams and is portable and versatile. This unit is ideal for
  • Tens Machine: Advice & Reviews on Using Tens Machines for Pain Relief - Advice on how tens machines work and how they can be used for pain relief for various conditions. Find the best tens machine for sale.
  • Tens Machine Pads - The Tens or “Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation” machine delivers an electrical current via electrodes attached by pads to the skin over the pain site.
  • Tens Unit: Reviews of the best Tens Units available. - Tens Unit. Reviews and advice on the best tens units available on the market offering instant pain relief from the all the tens machine manufactures.
  • A review of the LG-Quad Tens Unit - We have just uploaded a review of the new LGMedSupply LG-Quad unit. This unit is unique because it's not only a tens unit, but can also be used as a muscle
  • A review of the Dundex Dual Channel Tens Unit - We been busy reviewing some of the new offerings on the tens machine marketplace, and we have had a look at the DunDex Dual channel unit. Be sure to check
  • A review of the LG-TEC Elite Tens Machine - We have just reviewed the LG-TEC Elite tens machine. Its a great little unit and is a combo muscle stimulator aswell. Be sure to check out the full review of

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