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  • D.B. Lewis - Buy two. I did.

    I have two of these, one for work, one for home. Have no need for competing products because they work well and are low cost.

  • Teh Arbitrageur - The gold standard for fabric protection

    I've used Scotchgard many times over the decades, most recently to treat a new couch I bought. Takes time to apply, and lots of ventilation while it's drying, but the end-results are excellent: the couch looks exactly the same as it did, but now water just beads up and falls off, instead of being absorbed into the fabric. Of course, with a dog who likes lying on couches, it's not really water I'm worried about.

  • Staples - Not much help on my tile

    I just tried my new Zap tile and grout cleaner. When I opened the box there was moisture on the bottles. When I unscrewed the first bottle the seal inside was loose. This was the first problem. Once I took off the bottle cap I screwed the sprayer in the bottle. It did not work. I then put on the flip up nozzle; it worked. I followed the directions using it full strength on my grout; let it sit, then scrubbed it a bit, and then.... nothing. The scowering pads are handy so I will keep them..

  • Claria - Worst peeling ever

    This is by far the worst peeling product I have ever experienced. I bought it in a brand store in London. When I used it at home, it formed little sticky grains that couldn't be washed off my facial skin neither with water nor with cleanser. Even by intensive rubbing it was hard to get the product off, some of it stayed on.

  • A. Hall - excellent book!

    Wow! Now I Know is extremely well written. Each story flows into the next seamlessly. I learned so much without even realizing it!

  • P.J. - So easy to use,,,,gorgeous results

    This is kinda like the old hot oil treatments for your hair. But this is from Pura D'or, so I know immediately it's a great product. I love all their products. This is so easy to use.... This comes with 8 treatments (cap included). You just wet your hair, apply the cream, put the cap on and leave it on at least 5 minutes. I did this tonite and put on the cap and went and cooked supper. I jumped in the shower and rinsed it off after about 30 minutes. My hair feels amazing. I love this brand and I know I will be using more of this product. It says to use this about once a week, so I have at least 2 months worth of treatments in here. I can't wait to see how my hair performs the rest of the week. I couldn't wait to try this. I love the products. Everything I have ever tried from Pura D'Or is amazing. Love it.