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  • Josseline Van Nuffel - It works as advertised.... only suggestion ...

    It works as advertised....only suggestion I would make is that for storage or when not in use, a safety guard should be designed for it


    The classic Dickens tale has been portrayed and interpreted many times by many actors. From George C. Scott, and Albert Finney to Henry Winkler and even good ol' Bill Murray, to name just a few. But while so many variations of A Christmas Carol has been seen, only one can truly be experienced, and that is this version starring Alastair Sim. Alastair portrays Scrooge like no other as, or perhaps ever will. Christmas cannot be complete without this classic. Even those who are not fans of Dickens or this timeless story, you will surely be inspired and pleased with this superb rendition.

  • Amber Sayle - Great Chair for Home and Travel

    This is a wonderful chair. I've used it with my daughter since she was about four months old and we take it with us when we travel, when we visit friends, when we go out to eat, etc. I also did a bunch of research on chairs before buying and was looking at the P&T metoo, the P&T Lobster, and a Chico chair. This one had the perfect balance of small size, portability (complete with a handy little pocket in the back that you can store her food packages and spoon in, or toys), and style. I'd recommend it above the other three.

  • Randall W. Rasner - Only issues are no trigger lock and steaming in corners.

    I also wish, like others have mentioned, that the trigger had a locking mechanism so one didn't have to engage it manually all the time. I have everything hardwood except for a tiled bathroom and that makes for a lot of trigger pulling time. It does a pretty good job but seems to dull the shine on the floor unless you use a cleaner supplement. It's awkward to do corners with the steam portion but I feel like my floors are clean when I am done. If I could afford one, I would get a robotic cleaner to do the work while I was away. This would get the 5 stars if it weren't for the trigger and the awkward cornering for steam cleaning.

  • I.A. - Overall it's good and will help you learn and practice but don't ...

    I found it awkward that the strings are mirrored. Even if I change the settings it still feels uncomfortable. There is a large library of songs included but all very old. Overall it's good and will help you learn and practice but don't expect miracles.

  • summerain - Quick service

    Item was received within the promised amount of time. The item definitely met my expectations, needs and was in wonderful shape.