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  • Toddy Counts - Pregnant = Prenatal Vits!!

    People sometimes don't understand the importance of taking a prenatal vitamins. You want to grow a healthy baby and you want to do all you can to make sure that! But it is equally important to make sure your taking a good prenatal not a bad one. This one seems to have all good ingredients in it and it hasnt made me feel sick or anything like some do. Good product!

  • Labrajak - I have only just received and started oil pulling. I will know more later

    I really like the content of the book and I am very happy to start 'oil pulling' every morning. I am able to achieve 15 minutes worth, prior to breakfast. It's getting rid of the mucus at the back of my throat. My mouth feels clean afterwards. It is something I intend keeping on as a morning ritual. Too early for the teeth to whiten, but I am looking forward to seeing the difference. I am into all aspects of using Coconut Oil, and highly recommend all of Bruce Fife's books.

  • Catskillet - ...makes my hair fall out!

    I have very thick hair which fortunately is very manageable and forgiving. I'm in my early 50's so I've tested many shampoos over the years...and I purchase products based on reviews - not on price. So in other words, I've spent my fair share on great-quality products. I can honestly say that over all the years and all the shampoos and conditioners I've tried...this one is the only one that makes my hair fall out the handful! I thought perhaps it was due to hormonal changes (menopause....) but I've tried it before, during and after....and my hair still falls out - every time. I've never read any reviews similar to this so I'm sure it's probably a great product....just not for me. So, given that...if you are considering switching to these products - I highly recommend going with the sample size to start - just to make sure it doesn't make YOUR hair fall out too!

  • David A. Graves - But live ones do

    After all those autopsies on animals and people what more proof do you need. Doctors are lying to us to line their own pockets. It's all about the money. We would be safer going to a Vet. than a human doctor. With no insurance or money most won't even try to help. But if you have a lot of money or really good insurance they have plenty of procedures for you for all the new diseases you now have. Mostly caused by the food additives we eat or the pills we take. Don't worry once the side effects of your medication kick in they have a new pill for you. God help us!

  • Amy Casey - I must say this grinder is my favorite. I use it for my salt because my ...

    I recently purchased this grinder after I had purchased another brand that was just o.k. I must say this grinder is my favorite. I use it for my salt because my other grinder would leave salt residue on my counter after I used it. I was always having to wipe down the counter after I picked it up for use. This salt grinder really does work with one hand which is perfect while cooking. I like sea salt way more than regular table salt because I am able to control how much goes on my food a lot better. I love the modern look of my new grinder. I love the return policy just in case I have any issues with this product. The only down fall to my order is that I did not order two at the same time. I will be ordering another for my pepper some time in the near future. This would make an excellent wedding gift for that special couple!!!!