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Southwest Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists - At Southwest ENT Dr. Bates treats ear, nose, and throat disorders in both adults and children in north texas. our Dallas office now offers a comprehensive new hearing lab for infants, children, and adults, and a complete line of hearing aids and services.

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  • Steven - Come Again?

    This is by far the most dishonest thing I've come across on Amazon. This "book" (actually just a fancy word document) is poorly written, has numerous typos, grammatical errors, and is made in such a way that if formatted properly it would only take up around 20 - 30 pages. Not that you will ever think to spend a few thousand dollars on this travesty, but if you do then you are far more gullible than any reviews page could ever help. Also, this has nothing to do with the ill fated, and still not in pre-production, Ghostbusters 3.

  • Reptilefan - ONLY the best car ever!

    Clearly the best car you can currently buy. 100% electric. Very minimal maintenance. Great looks. Faster than million dollar cars. Ever since buying mine, I don't look forward to trips where I have to rent an ICE vehicle.

  • JoAnn Posival - Best VR for iPhone 6s Plus with case, clicker is useless.

    Best VR headset for my iPhone 6s plus WITH a case on it. Doesn't move around, doesn't slide. IT fits and it works great, the clicker it came with is down right useless for iOS I'm pretty sure, the buttons all do different things than they say so that's a bummer. The sliders and all the lens adjustments are why i got this, it is perfect.

  • Michael J. Beaudoin - A Great Escape

    "Where does time go?" As with any great story, Chasing Mayflies instantly removed the surrounding world, enabling me to get lost in the moment. The beginning of Pidge and Denny's tale is reminiscent of a rollercoaster's initial climb - pure anticipation and excitement for the dips and turns to come.

  • S. Long - Best International Phone I have had!!!! Ever!

    I work in afghanistan and go to the states about 4 times a year so i decided to get this phone so i can stop carrying around two phones when i travel. This phone is all the rave! I was skeptical at first because of the price but i decided to buy it. I had the BLU Elite at first... Absolute Fail. I lost it and good thing i did because I received this phone.

  • M. Shea - Fine read for those not paying attention

    Balz does a nice job relating the highlights of the election, but fails where he had succeeded before in bringing insightful, behind the scenes revelations and nuances. If you paid close attention to the election during 2011 and 2012, there is not much in this book to get you excited. Even the quotes from "insiders" are predictable and largely banal. A good summary of events, but hardle a look behind the scenes that we've come to expect.